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The Wheel Of Time's Rosamund Pike Drops Major Teaser For Episode 7

The late author Robert Jordan debuted the "Wheel of Time" book series in 1990 via "The Eye of the World," and in no time at all, it became clear that he was putting together something special. This fantasy saga looked at the nature of time through a magical, fantasy lens, supplying readers with stories and characters that only served to invest them further in its more abstract concepts. Despite Jordan's death in 2007, the "Wheel of Time" tale continued until 2013, when "A Memory of Light" by Brandon Sanderson ultimately brought the best-selling print epic to an end.

Of course, as Amazon Prime Video users and general TV fanatics know, Robert Jordan's brainchild has lived on in a different medium. "The Wheel of Time" arrived on the streamer in late November of 2021 and immediately took the world by storm. Boasting a cast that includes the likes of Rosamund Pike, Zoë Robins, Daniel Henney, and more, the program has so far done an excellent job of honoring Jordan's original vision while taking the property in a stunning new direction for the small screen. To put it lightly, most people absolutely love it.

With that, viewers will be delighted to know that Episode 7, "The Dark Along the Ways," is among the most exciting installments yet, according to Pike herself. Here's why.

Episode 7 will be a game-changer in more ways than one

As Season 1 of "The Wheel of Time" continues to unfold, our characters have entered a rather precarious position. At the end of Episode 6, "The Flame of Tar Valon," Moiraine (Pike), Lan (Henney), Loial (Hammed Animashaun), and others enter the Ways: an area outside of reality accessed through Waygates where they hope to reach the Eye of the World to convene with a creature known as the Dark One. If that sounds like a daunting quest to embark on, that's because it is, and it'll make "The Dark Along the Ways" a real game-changer.

"We're going to enter at least four worlds you've never seen yet in the show," teased Rosamund Pike in a recent interview with TVLine, noting that the wild creations of Robert Jordan will soon take hold and allow the story to move forward in tense, dangerous ways. Pike also mentions that the episode will introduce brand new concepts to the "Wheel of Time" mythology not yet seen on the television adaptation, concluding, "We suddenly realize 'new concepts of time,' I would say. Playing on the idea of 'The Wheel of Time.'"

With Pike's comments in mind, it stands to reason that "The Dark Along the Ways" will prove quite the interesting episode — one that could change "The Wheel of Time" as we know it.