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Why Wonder Woman's Gold Eagle Armor Makes No Sense

In the realm of superheroes, costumes tend to play a large role. For one, plenty of superheroes from Batman to Black Panther incorporate a costume that can disguise their identity, which is especially important for those heroes that serve another societal role in their everyday lives. Other heroes don specially-made suits that aid their natural abilities, like Spider-Man's tech-enhanced Iron Spider suit. All in all, though, the suit a hero chooses to wear is what contributes to their iconography. It's how the world will forever view that hero.

For arguably one of the world's most famous female superheroes, Wonder Woman, her suit is just as iconic as her Lasso of Truth and Amazonian bracelets. Although it's had many variations since her comic debut in the '40s, her red corset with a golden eagle, blue and white shorts, and golden tiara have remained part of her symbolism.

Comic fans specifically were in for a treat with the DCEU's second Wonder Woman installment "Wonder Woman 1984." The film sees Wonder Woman don her Golden Eagle armor, but it seems it was more for the show of it rather than out of practicality.

Wonder Woman's Golden Eagle armor serves no real function

Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman, first gets her gorgeous Golden Eagle armor in the 1996 miniseries "Kingdom Come." The comics then continue to incorporate the armor when Diana is heading into an especially tough battle and needs extra strength.

Although the golden armor is absolutely stunning, it adds nothing to her abilities, at least in "Wonder Woman 1984." Wonder Woman, played by Gal Gadot in the film, already has the ability to fly, so the suit's inclusion of the massive wings is just redundant. The wings also briefly serve as a shield for Diana, but Cheetah (Kristen Wiig) is able to shred through them quickly, rendering them useless. Also, the armor doesn't seem to even function defensively, as Diana still had to use her bracelets to deflect incoming bullets. In the final battle of "Women Woman 1984" against Max Lord (Pedro Pascal), Diana ends up talking her way through saving the world, so really, her suit proved to be pretty pointless, but hey, at least she looked cool while doing it.