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Bomb Rush Cyberfunk - What We Know So Far

There are so many games coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2022 that it might be the best year yet for fans of the console. As excited as Nintendo gamers are to get their hands on AAA titles like "Pokemon Legends: Arceus" and "Star Wars: Hunters," the hype could potentially overshadow some hot new indie titles like Team Reptile's upcoming "Bomb Rush Cyberfunk."

First teased in June 2020 and shared with a broader audience as the first game featured at Nintendo's Aug. 11, 2021 Indie World Showcase, "Bomb Rush Cyberfunk" looks one-of-a-kind — with a catch. The multi-faceted upcoming game features a unique combination of skating, rail-riding, dancing, spray painting, and more action and adventure set in a future cityscape.

If any of this sounds familiar despite its uniqueness, it's probably because "Bomb Rush Cyberfunk" takes inspiration from the beloved retro "Jet Set Radio" games, which lean on a similar fusion of skating and graffitiing. On top of that, the new title will feature music from Hideki Naganuma, the same composer who brought fans the beats they know and love from "Jet Set Radio." There are a lot of layers to "Bomb Rush Cyberfunk," and luckily, plenty of information to give players a taste of what they might expect from the indie game. For starters, fans will need to know what timeline they're working with to properly consider adding the title to their wishlist.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Release Date

Though publisher and developer Team Reptile hasn't nailed down a specific release date, the window for the release of "Bomb Rush Cyberfunk" was revealed at the Nintendo Indie World Showcase. Interested gamers can look forward to playing "Bomb Rush Cyberfunk" sometime in 2022 if all goes according to schedule. The game will be a timed console exclusive for the Switch. While the Team Reptile site lists PC and console availability, it's not clear yet what other platforms "Bomb Rush Cyberfunk" will be available on, though it is already listed on Steam for an undisclosed future release.

Netherlands-based Team Reptile describes itself as "a cold-blooded independent game developer founded to make original games with style." The three other games made so far by this team are "Megabyte Punch," "Lethal League," and "Lethal League Blaze." All of these fighting titles got good reviews – a good sign for "Bomb Rush Cyberfunk," even though the upcoming title has a totally different vibe and a lot more nuanced. The game takes place in "a world from the mind of Dion Koster," the Team Reptile artist and dancer best known for his work on "Lethal League."

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Trailers

Though "Bomb Rush Cyberfunk" was officially announced at the Aug. 11, 2021 Nintendo Indie World Showcase, there were some sneak peaks preceding it. The first 14-second teaser for the game dropped in June 2020 with a funky soundtrack backing footage of characters sliding on rails, dancing, nailing stunts, and spray painting a dynamic cityscape. Similar footage was featured in the Indie World Showcase announcement, as well as plot details about a newcomer building their crew with playable characters and vying for the title of All City King.

The official trailer from February 2021 was quite similar in style, as was the official trailer v2 that dropped in August 2021. All four of these sneak previews were under a minute, so they moved at a quick pace.

Finally, the most recent trailer dropped a day after the v2 cut in August. This 90-second gameplay preview features a voiceover by Kiana Green, who lets you know "there's a new kid in town, and he's in your business." She goes on to share that this new kid is "going for the crown," AKA the title of All City King. The new kid is building up his Bomb Rush Crew and avoiding the military police gunning to "take him out." It's "war in style" as the newcomer rides and spray paints all around the city. From the looks of things, gameplay will be varied and vibrant.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Gameplay

The many trailers for "Bomb Rush Cyberfunk" revealed plenty of glimpses at gameplay, though their fast-paced style may leave players with questions about how getting around the city will actually work. Luckily, a few more details were shared on the Team Reptile website. As mentioned briefly at the Nintendo Indie World Showcase, players will get to step into the shoes of multiple crew members for open-world exploration in "a sprawling metropolis in an alternate future."

Superpowered backpacks make getting around easy as crews "bomb and get your name up" by painting graffiti in different neighborhoods. Collecting REP allows players to "challenge the local crew for the territory," though fair warning — Team Reptile notes that players "will encounter a lot of weirdos" along the way. On top of that, there are opportunities to "start your own cypher and dance, paint, trick, face off with the cops and stake your claim" in an acrobatic quest to become All City King. A "unique trick system with grinding, sliding, wallrunning, and tricking in the air as well as on the ground" promises to keep things interesting.

As already mentioned, "the musical brainwaves of Hideki Naganuma" set the scene for the adventure, hearkening back to the glory days of "Jet Set Radio." The song "you can say hi." by Soia and produced by mez is featured in the gameplay trailer. It's an absolute earworm, like Naganuma's tunes, so music will likely be a big draw in "Bomb Rush Cyberfunk."