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The Breaking Bad Scene That Had Fans In Tears

Over the course of 62 episodes and five seasons of Vince Gilligan's groundbreaking television series "Breaking Bad," audiences have been put through the emotional ringer time after time. The show follows former chemistry teacher Walter White (Bryan Cranston), who teams with former student Jessie Pinkman (Aaron Paul) to cook meth to help pay for Walt's medical care. Their endeavors wreak havoc on everyone around them, including loved ones, as the pair navigate the cutthroat underworld of the drug business.

Some notable moments include the death of likable scientist Gale Boetticher (David Costable) in Season 3, Walter sinking to a new low by kidnapping his own daughter to both the frustration and anguish of his wife, Skyler White (Anna Gunn). And who could forget the incredibly disturbing moment when Walter effectively kills Jesse's girlfriend, Jane (Krysten Ritter), when he refused to help save her life after she overdosed on drugs in Season 2?

It seems like, almost on a weekly basis, "Breaking Bad" fans would be struggling to see the screen thanks to the torrent of tears running down their faces. There have been numerous moments that have been unsettling, shocking, and downright sad. In fact, the AMC show plays like one big Greek tragedy. But fans online have made it clear what they think is the saddest moment in the show's history.

Andrea's death had a huge impact on Breaking Bad fans

An October 2013 post from u/unb0rnKoalaburr shared to the r/BreakingBad subreddit asked fans what scene from the AMC series they thought was the saddest, citing Walter's final conversation with Skyler in the series finale as their pick. However, a number of Redditors cited Andrea's murder as the saddest moment on "Breaking Bad."

In a pulse-pounding scene from Season 5, Episode 15, titled "Granite State" (via IMDb), meth cooker Todd Alquist (Jesse Plemons) pays a visit to Jesse's former girlfriend. With chilling calm, Todd pulls out a gun and shoots Andrea in the head. The heartbreaking scene is made all the more messed up by the fact that Jesse is bound in a nearby car and is forced to witness the event. 

U/MrSketchyGalore said, "I never cry because of TV. That scene didn't just make me cry, I straight up shouted at the TV." Redditor u/theytook-r-jobs stated, "It has to be Andrea. She was killed as a punishment for Jesse trying to escape." U/rhpot1991 went even further saying, "Roughest death for me. The silence of that scene, shivering just thinking about it." Finally, u/noturmothershandle went straight to the heart of things when mentioning Andrea's son saying, "Knowing Brock was inside, now an orphan, after everything they've been through... it just killed me."

Andrea's final scene was not only impactful for fans but some "Breaking Bad" cast, too. In an October 2013 interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Emily Rios revealed that her on-screen son, Brock (played by Ian Posada), was allowed to watch her character's death scene. She shared, "His mother texted me right after the episode. He was crying because they'd killed off my character. I felt so bad, but I let him know 'Hey, I'm OK.'"