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Han Solo Movie Working Title Logos Unveiled

The upcoming Han Solo prequel doesn't have an official title, but we have to admit, this one would be pretty cool.

While production is underway for the anthology flick, a few images of the shirts that crew members were issued have made their way online (via ScreenRant). They reveal the working title "Solo," and two different logos that pull from classic Star Wars designs. Check them out below.

The first one features Han's signature blaster rendered as the 'L' in his name. The second is in the traditional Star Wars font.

Although it's still too early to say that this will definitely be the title of the movie, it would make a lot of sense. It's simple, concise, and doesn't add anything that would detract from the centerpiece of the story: young Han Solo. Considering the success of Marvel's Logan, it's hard to argue that basic could be better when it comes to the box office.

However, we probably shouldn't get all that attached the the title or the logos. Lucasfilm rarely lets anything significant slip, and the execs surely would anticipate these designs leaking online. Also, production crews are typically given a wide variety of shirts with different logos before the final design is decided. 

In the past, Lucasfilm has revealed the title and logo of upcoming movies only after the next one in line hits theaters. But with The Last Jedi coming in December and the Han Solo movie to follow in May 2018, there's a chance Lucasfilm could break from tradition in the name of marketing.

While most of the details about the Han Solo prequel are still highly guarded, we know that Alden Ehrenreich will play the young Solo, Donald Glover will play Lando Calrissian, Emilia Clarke is aboard as the female lead, and Woody Harrelson will play Solo's mentor. 

Until we find out more, check out those logos below and things we want to see in the movie.