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The First Trailer Reno 911! The Hunt For Qanon Is Just As Absurd As You Probably Imagined

A new dangerous political ideology has spread throughout the veins of the United States, and there's only one group of heroes brave enough to stop it. 

QAnon may have started as an online plot, but it's quickly expanded to encompass various conspiracy theories, such as children being sold in Wayfair furniture and John F. Kennedy still being alive. All of these claims are baseless, but that hasn't stopped legions of Americans from joining the movement, some of whom have become increasingly violent as a result. It's a good time to remind ourselves just how ridiculous the entire conspiracy is, and that seems to be precisely what the good folks at "Reno 911" hope to accomplish. 

After a short-lived run on Quibi, the Comedy Central show is pursuing a different approach to streaming. "Reno 911! The Hunt for QAnon" sees everyone's favorite law enforcers going on a QAnon cruise (a Cruise-Anon, if you will) to uncover the identity of the mysterious Q. Now that the trailer has been released, audiences can get a better look at the special event, which seems to have QAnon supporters and their various eccentricities, such as a proclivity for painting their faces and wearing animal pelts, in its sights.

The Reno crew infiltrates QAnon

"Reno 911!" has always had an absurd streak about it. Reno may be a small town, but there was no shortage of colorful characters for the team to arrest. Now, they're after the biggest case of their careers with the advent of QAnon. The trailer shows how the team sets out to serve Q, and to do that, they must embark on a cruise with a bunch of QAnon supporters. Hilarity is bound to ensue, and the preview has everything fans of the series could possibly want out of the special event. 

The Reno crew is forced to go undercover as QAnon supporters, and while on the boat, they encounter all sorts of deranged individuals. The trailer may clock in at less than two minutes, but it showcases plenty of comedic talent lending their support for the hilarious expedition, including the likes of Patton Oswalt, Gary Anthony Williams, and Brian Posehn.

Judging from the trailer, the special won't be afraid of pushing every hot-button political issue, especially seeing how there's a point where someone says how they're traveling to Jeffrey Epstein's island. For those who like their police comedies with a side of political satire, this is the must-watch event of the year, so don't miss it when it premieres on Paramount+ on December 23.