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Dodgeball Cast Gets Back In Character For Charity

The rivalry between Globo Gym and Average Joe's is back, but this time, it's for charity. The cast of Dodgeball recently resurrected their famous characters for a charity competition, which gives fans the chance to play dodgeball with the great White Goodman himself.

"Before Cross-Fit, before paleo, before Soul Cycle, there was only one name in fitness," the video begins, before showing Ben Stiller still gloriously in character as White. "Hello losers," he says. "Miss me?" White explains that he's chosen to interrupt your Internet life because he's decided to get with the PC times and organize a little charity dodgeball. Viewers an enter for the "once in your pathetic lifetime experience" to bring probably their only friend to come and test their mettle by playing a game with the best baller in the biz. 

He's quickly interrupted, though, when the Average Joe's– or at least, Vince Vaughn's Peter, Christine Taylor's Kate, and Justin Long's Justin– show up. "Sorry to interrupt your super weird thing here, but we figured we should jump in," Peter says. Peter tells viewers (much to the chagrin of White) that, since it takes two teams to play dodgeball, people looking to donate can have the chance to play on either the Globo Gym or the Average Joe's team.

White, not to be outdone, quickly brings out some of his team members, including Missi Pyle's Fran, "the deadliest legally female lady dodgeballer" and Jamal Duff's Me'Shell Jones. He asks Blazer (Brandon Molale) to ball him and lobs a dodgeball at Justin, using the time he's distracted to throw a wrench at his face. "It's on," he says. "Oh yeah, it's on. It's on AF. It's on so much that it never was off. Like it was a waste of energy cuz we kept it on the whole time."

All joking aside, the Dodgeball reunion video does support a good cause. Run through Omaze, fans can donate on either the Globo Gym or Average Joe's sites for the chance to play dodgeball with Stiller and friends, take a team picture in their own custom jersey, enjoy pizza with Stiller after the game, and get flown out and put up in a four-star hotel– all while benefitting the Ben Stiller Foundation, which supports children all over the world by helping to improve their educational opportunities. Various different donation amounts can also get you a signed Dodgeball DVD, a signed dodgeball, and even, if you're willing to shell out $3,500, White's original wig, mustache, and costume from the movie.

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