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The Blob Remake Poster Looks Oddly Familiar

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but does this poster for The Blob remake verge on theft? 

While it's not quite intense as creative thievery, the lastest look at the Samuel L. Jackson-led Blob reboot very clearly draws inspiration from the classic Alien poster. So much so that it looks nearly identical.

Arclight Films, the studio behind the coming movie, unveiled the new sales art poster. Featuring the tagline "Nothing can stop it," the image features an indiscernible portion of Earth fissuring along a massive crack in the planet's crust, neon green light shining out from it. 

The art itself isn't terrible, though MovieWeb describes it as "an image that looks like it was slapped together on an iPhone in about two and half minutes," but it is undeniably similar to the cracking egg featured on the Alien poster. Compare the two in the images below.

Additionally, the poster does offer some insight as to where director Simon West will take the reboot. The eponymous monster first hit the big screen in 1958, where he was depicted as an alien brought to Earth by a meteor. Thirty years later, the Blob was an oozy entity mutated to become a biological weapon, and was seen seeping out of an abandoned satellite. But now, under the West's direction, the character will "originate deep from underground," a detail the poster seems to support (via ScreenRant).

The Blob remake will reportedly center on a group of coal miners who discover a mysterious being buried underground. Through an unknown misstep, the miners accidentally launch "a hideous creature beyond belief and imagination into the world" (via MovieWeb). 

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