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Who Has The Watch At The End Of Hawkeye Episode 4?

Warning: This article includes spoilers for Episode 4 of "Hawkeye."

In the 4th episode of Disney+'s "Hawkeye," the show celebrates the spirit of Christmas as the plot thickens. We get to see Kate Bishop's (Hailee Steinfeld) future stepdad sharing corny, yet wholesome moments with her and her mother. We also get to see Kate bring some Christmas cheer (and alcohol) to Hawkeye's (Jeremy Renner) house while they bond and make plans to take down the Tracksuit Mafia. And there's also a very important watch that comes into play during the episode.

It's a vintage Rolex, to be precise, and it has a transmitter in it. When Hawkeye finds out where it is, he explains to his would-be protégé Kate that "it belongs to someone [he] used to work with" and that it would "blow their cover" if the Tracksuit Mafia figures out how to trace it back to its rightful owner. So Kate and Hawkeye go to retrieve it — but it leads to some disastrous consequences.

Kate pockets the watch...but does she keep it?

When Kate finds the watch, if you watch her arm closely, it looks as though she pockets it out of frame. After that, what is arguably one of the most nonsensical fight scenes in MCU history ensues. Maya and the masked assassin decide to hang back and stop fighting Hawkeye for a whole 23 seconds so that the writers could shoehorn in a pivotal moment of betrayal between him and Kate. Maya, despite being a strong and deadly fighter, randomly decides to peace out after taking a seemingly painless arrow to the shoulder — where is she from, Skyrim? Then Kate's life gets twist-turned upside down after she gets in one little fight (with a Black Widow assassin) and her mentor gets scared, prompting Hawkeye to end their "partnership."

So it seems like Kate still has the watch at the end of the episode. Fans speculating on Reddit, however, believe they saw Yelena pick Kate's pocket before yeeting her off the roof. But a frame-by-frame rewatch of that particular scene doesn't clearly show that. And what purpose would that serve the show's tropey plot? Putting the watch in Kate's possession makes the most sense in order to fix the rift between her and Hawkeye. She could use the watch as a bargaining chip to convince him that he needs her. Or she could use the watch to track down its previous owner in an attempt to prove herself. 

We're only four episodes into the series, so you know this rift between Hawkeye and Kate won't last forever. And the watch could play an important part in that.