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The Bond Girl You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

There are a few things you can always expect in a James Bond film: martinis (shaken not stirred), spectacular action set pieces, and nefarious villains exploiting tense global politics to make a buck. Oh, and of course, girls, girls, girls. Bond girls to be exact. A lover and a fighter, 007's cinematic exploits are absolutely stacked with marvelous women as multi-faceted and charming as our leading man himself. They're whip-smart, ironically named, and often an integral team player in saving the day.

Settling on a firm definition of what makes a "Bond girl" is harder than you'd think. In the simplest of terms, Bond girls are 007's romantic and/or sexual partners — secondary characters, friends and foes, who tend to be as beautiful as they are temporary. For just as our gun-slinging, beluga caviar-loving hero moves from one international catastrophe to the next, every new mission ensures a new roster of charming, capable Bond girls.

While there's a diverse slew of women in 007's globe-trotting exploits, everyone tends to have their favorites. There are plenty of kickass, stunning, and memorable ladies to choose from (often more than one per film!). But which one matches up with your own personality and traits? That's where astrology comes in. Whether you're curious to see which Bond girl you share your sign with or if you're wondering where your personal favorite from the franchise lands, read on for our breakdown of which Bond girl character fits each sign in the zodiac.

Warning — spoilers below!

Aries: Xenia Onatopp

If any zodiac sign was going to murder people with their thighs, it was going to be Aries. Ruled by Mars, Aries is full of piss, vinegar, and the insatiable desire to punch first and ask questions later. An Aries is the kind of person who gets furious, only to forget what sent them into a white-hot rage in the first place. And that describes Xenia Zaragevna Onatopp to a tee. Portrayed by Dutch actress Famke Janssen in Pierce Brosnan's debut Bond showing, "GoldenEye," Onatopp is bad to the bone and absolutely thrilled about it.

A former Soviet fighter pilot turned hired gun for the nefarious Janus crime syndicate, Onatopp is a femme fatale who delights in her work. And by "work," we of course mean seducing and slaying her boss's enemies, usually in that order. A Bond girl with a sadistic bent, whether she's attempting to kill 007 in a steam room or nab the latest NATO tech, Xenia is a bull in a china shop (or a ram, rather, per Aries' iconography). Those born between March 21 and April 19 throw themselves at the world without fear or trepidation, thighs first, in Onatopp's case. Aries have a tendency to be addicted to action and excitement, which unfortunately for Xenia, ultimately leads to her demise. Sometimes you're too wrapped up in wrapping your legs around a man's head to keep track of where your helicopter is.

Taurus: Sylvia Trench

Both Sylvia Trench and we, the audience, meet Bond for the first time over a game of baccarat. And after prompting Sean Connery's inaugural "Bond, James Bond," Sylvia proves that she's much more than a novelty of firsts. She's charming, wry, and of course, a Taurus. 

The second sign in the zodiac is defined by its steadfast reliability; Taureans are like the human equivalent of moss. They're stability personified, and that's precisely what Sylvia was originally designed to be — a recurring love interest who would return as a running gag, only to get left in the cold time and time again once Bond is whisked away for another world-saving mission. While she only graced our screens on two occasions ("Dr. No" and "From Russia with Love"), we'd like to think that Sylvia ultimately found a more attentive partner. Taureans like Sylvia do best when things are predictable. So in the end, it was probably for the best that she ditched Bond for more reliable pastures.

Taurus is a sign with a deep reliance on creature comforts. And just like those born between April 20 and May 20, Sylvia has a taste for the finer things in life — golf, gambling, riverside picnics, you name it. And just like any Taurean worth their salt, Sylvia is stubborn as heck when it comes to getting what she wants. Once she sets her sights on James, she straight-up lets herself into his apartment to seal the deal. Once a Taurus is set in motion, nothing, not even a deadbolt, can slow them down.

Gemini: Domino Derval

Dominique Derval (aka Domino) is a double-duty lady: a Bond girl and a mistress to 007's nemesis-du-jour. And if there's one sign that knows a thing or two about being a jack-of-all-trades, it's Gemini. Embodied by the Twins and ruled by the ever-shifting planet Mercury, Geminis like Domino are comfortable walking in multiple worlds and adapting to the energy of any given room. Whether lounging in extravagant eveningwear or (literally) shooting her former captor/lover in the back, Domino does a lot of different things, and she does them very well. A girl who can gun down a man and get freaky in scuba gear? Must be Bond's lucky day.

The "Thunderball" leading lady initially attracts Bond's attention as a means of getting to the evildoing SPECTRE operative Emilio Largo. But 007 soon finds a resourceful ally (and flirty pal) in Domino. Like many a good Gemini, Domino is intelligent, humorous, and imaginative. She's easily capable of envisioning a life for herself outside of Largo's clutches. With their racing minds and diverse interests, those born between May 21 and June 21 are easily prone to boredom. And for all the diamond necklaces Largo could provide, Domino had a hankering to be more than a pretty thing on someone's arm. And, of course, learning that Largo killed her brother sealed the deal.

Cancer: Pam Bouvier

A fast-talking Floridian with a pixie cut, a pilot's license, and a wildly low tolerance for jerks, Pam Bouvier holds her own against Timothy Dalton's Bond and then some. Whereas many an action heroine has fallen prey to the trope of competence canceling out emotion, Pam is walking proof that big feelings and big guns can totally go hand in hand. Which is precisely what makes her a true-blue Cancer.

Those born between June 22 and July 22 are ruled by the moon. And much like the tides, the emotions of Cancers wax and wane. They are highly sensitive folks that tend to carry deep grudges, unable to forget the emotional sting of a slight. When Pam suspects Bond cares more for Lupe, the supporting Bond gal in "Licence to Kill," she takes it personally. It's a chip on her shoulder that only grows over the course of her and James' mission, with the hurt and disappointment written plain across her face. 

Cancers have a tendency to fall in love very easily, and Pam is no exception. But then again, is there a better meet-cute than thwarting a bar brawl with an ornamental swordfish? Cancers want to be loved, but they don't trust that it will last. It's only when Bond firmly confirms his feelings in an unambiguous show of affection (jumping into a pool and confessing his love for her) that Pam's frown softens.

Leo: Solitaire

Bold, warm, and loving showmen, the fifth sign in the zodiac tends to be the centerpiece of every room. They're unabashed showboats who inject a little razzle-dazzle into everything they do, even if it's just sitting in a chair and telling superstitious drug dealers their fortunes. Enter Solitaire. Portrayed by the radiant Jane Seymour in Roger Moore's 007 debut, "Live and Let Die," Solitaire spends much of the 1973 film looking like she fell off the most eye-catching float at Carnivale, outfitted in jewels, ostrich feathers, and every shade of velour known to man. Then again, those born between July 23 and August 22 have a tendency to be a bit vain; they're human chandeliers who enjoy being worshiped.

A psychic medium in the employ of the nefarious Dr. Kananga (Yaphet Kotto), Solitaire uses her Tarot cards to steer the sinister criminal towards a path of luxury and success. When Bond learns that Solitaire's mojo is tied to her virginal status, well, let's just say he's precisely the man to throw Kananga's good luck charm off her game. Ruled by a sense of cosmic superiority, Leos like Solitaire like to feel important. And for Solitaire, that means dedicating her life to the higher powers governing her cards. However, even the most level-headed Leos are subject to pride (though when you're wearing that much bling, who wouldn't be?). And, like many baddies turned allies, Solitaire underestimates Bond's ability to sweep her off her feet.

Virgo: Pussy Galore

There can be no doubt that the best-named Bond girl is a Virgo. 

A militant henchwoman, Pussy Galore graced our screens in Sean Connery's third Bond outing, "Goldfinger." Portrayed by the late, great Honor Blackman, Pussy Galore is emblematic of the very best traits of the sixth sign of the zodiac. She's bold, bossy, whip-smart, and self-assured, a formidable opponent and an invaluable ally. Notorious perfectionists with unparalleled attention to detail, Virgos like Pussy Galore are at their happiest when they're working towards a goal, actively seeking out projects with clear objectives (like, say, assisting a gold-obsessed billionaire in his quest to irradiate all the holdings of Fort Knox). A disciplined pilot and the leader of a loyal team of female aviators, Pussy Galore is the dictionary definition of Virgo's desire for purpose, achievement, and order.

Virgos have a tendency to hold everyone around them at arm's reach and to protect their innermost selves from the outside world. Pussy Galore is no different, actively refusing Bond's charms with a moral restraint that remains unparalleled within the franchise. They're tough cookies to crack, but if anyone can soften a Virgo's hard exterior, it's Bond. Exacting and whip-smart, those born between August 23 and September 22 are precisely the kind of person you'd want working for you rather than an eccentric German billionaire intent on destabilizing the global market.

Libra: Natalya Simonova

Natalya Fyodorovna Simonova (say that five times fast) is quite possibly the most golden-hearted Bond girl on this list. Which makes sense, because Libras are the peace-keeping angels of the zodiac. Adept mediators who are prone to seeing the best in people, the seventh sign in the zodiac is as on the level as the scales that represent their sign.

A Level 2 programmer for a Siberian missile guidance system control center, Natalya finds herself at the center of a terrorist plot when her place of work (quite literally) comes crumbling down around her. Ideals of balance, harmony, and fair play are deeply important to those born between September 23 and October 23. Libras are compassionate and empathetic people who are the first ones willing to go out of their way to help others. While others dislike (and rightfully stay clear of) her arrogant coworker, Boris Grishenko (Alan Cumming), Natalya graciously extends an olive branch. Heck, even when it's abundantly clear that Boris' departure during the terrorist attack was no coincidence, noble Natalya is quick to pick through the wreckage in search of her friend.

Hyper-attuned to other people, another tell-tale Libra trait, Natalya immediately clocks Bond's damage and attempts to steer him onto a less chaotic path. His callousness may keep him alive, but it also keeps him alone, she tells him. And Bond, being no dummy, is wise to take her advice.

Scorpio: Camille Montes

Like many Bond girls before her, Camille's personal quest for revenge accidentally intersects with 007's world-saving mission. But unlike all the other vengeance-seeking Bond girls before her, Camille's vendetta is given its proper due in the film. Joining up with the Bolivian Secret Service in a bid to kill the corrupt general who massacred her family, Camille and Bond's paths intersect when their target is revealed to be one and the same.

Because "Quantum of Solace" makes Camille's revenge such an important part of the plot, there can be no doubt that she's a born and bred Scorpio. A mysterious water sign prone to intense, deeply held grudges, Scorpios are the one sign in the zodiac you absolutely do not want to cross under any circumstances. They are ruthlessly perceptive, deeply loyal, and place the highest value on what's real. They don't suffer fools, fakers, or anyone who will stand in their way. Like Camille, those born between October 24 and November 21 exhibit a quiet intensity that can be unnerving to others. But, as Bond learns, once you win over a Scorpio, they will stick by your side till the bitter end.

Scorpios have a reputation for being relentless, and Camille embodies that characteristic to a tee. She isn't a beautiful accessory or a dispensable diversion; she's a woman on a warpath, and God help anyone who gets in her way.

Sagittarius: Tracy Bond

The primary Bond girl in "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" — as well as arguably the primary lady in Bond's life, period — Tracy is a firecracker. The willful daughter of criminal syndicalist Marc-Ange Draco and short-lived wife of James Bond, Tracy doesn't just match 007, she compliments him, remaining very much her own person while keeping step with Bond's bravery, boldness, and sense of style. Any zodiac sign would be lucky to claim Tracy (portrayed by the late, and irreplaceable Diana Rigg) as their own. But there can be no doubt that this dynamo is a Sagittarius.

The warrior-poet of the zodiac, Sagittarians are ruthless empiricists who see the facts for what they are. When she's being used by Bond and her father as a bargaining chip, she calls things as they are. When she's being held hostage by Bond's arch-nemesis, Ernst Stavro Blofeld, she's pragmatic and cool as a cucumber. After all, those born between November 22 and December 21 don't believe in playing it safe or allowing personal slights to slip past them.

But what really cements Tracy's Sagittarian status is her unabashed quest for freedom. She doesn't want to be controlled by any of the men in her life, be it her father, her lovers, or her enemies. She's at her happiest when she has the elbow room to breathe, and we can only imagine how happy she'd be had her and Bond been able to live out the rest of their globe-trotting lives together.

Capricorn: Wai Lin

The "gets stuff done" sign of the zodiac, Capricorns have a well-earned reputation for productivity, ambition, and an unflinching sense of duty. And it will come as no surprise to die-hard Bond fans that Wai Lin emblematizes the best of the tenth sign of the zodiac. Portrayed by Michelle Yeoh in 1997's Pierce Brosnan-starring "Tomorrow Never Dies," Wai Lin meets Bond as an operative for the People's Republic of China. When she and Bond realize they're working the same case (getting to the bottom of stolen stealth equipment), they join forces to foil the plot of media mogul Elliot Carver.

A skilled spy, a colonel, and a practitioner of martial arts, Wai Lin is the dictionary definition of competence, a compliment that would make any Capricorn worth their salt blush. Wai Lin spends the vast majority of "Tomorrow Never Dies" proving herself as a smart and savvy colleague with stealth and combat skills that Bond should probably take notes on. Even when she's a backseat driver in a getaway chase, we all know that she really belongs at the wheel. (But then again, someone had to shoot all the bad guys in hot pursuit!) Like those born between December 22 and January 19, Wai Lin is propelled through life with an unflappable sense of obligation and deference, in her case, for her country. A man of taste, it's a trait that a patriot like Bond can't help but respect.

Aquarius: Elektra King

The eleventh sign of the zodiac is known for its forward-thinking ways. Aquarians have a tendency to obsess over the big picture and lose sight of the smaller, more day-to-day details. Unabashedly idealistic, they are always focusing on "The Future." They are rational utopians whose heads are permanently in the clouds. All that said, when you survey the illustrious roster of Bond girls, there can only be one true Aquarius: Elektra King.

Portrayed by Sophie Marceau in 1999's "The World Is Not Enough," Elektra is one of the rare Bond girls to begin as an ally, only to ultimately reveal her true, villainous nature. The daughter of a wealthy oil tycoon, Elektra presents herself as a philanthropic oil baroness looking to invest wealth back into her home country. However, as the film's plot unfurls, Bond learns that his would-be lady friend has been secretly collaborating with the nefarious anarchist Renard, who wants to monopolize the world's oil market for profit.

Those born between January 21 and February 18 are big dreamers and world-builders. For Elektra, that dream is two-fold — to take over her father's business and seek revenge against those who get in the way of her big-picture plan for global domination.

Pisces: Tatiana Romanova

Last, but certainly not least, we have Pisces. Represented by two eternally bound fish, the final sign in the zodiac is known for being excessively romantic. And when it comes to Bond girls with a lovey-dovey bent, no one does it better than Tatiana Romanova, the unforgettable Bond girl of 1963's "From Russia with Love."

Like those born between February 19 and March 20, Tatiana is a lover, not a fighter ... much to the chagrin of both Soviet counterintelligence and SPECTRE. Though, to be fair, SPECTRE's genius plan to undermine M16 by making two hot people work together was always a little flawed, given Bond being the literal king of getting into bed with the enemy. While charming and capable, Tatiana is a little bit naive, which checks out considering Pisces' tendency to daydream and drift away from the material world. But then again, that's precisely why SPECTRE picked her for the job. They just failed to account for her Pisces-like ability to fall deeply in love with her would-be target.