Things That Were Revealed In The New Deadpool Trailer

We've known for awhile that Colossus is going to appear in Deadpool, but we finally get to see how he fits into the story. Based on the dialogue in the trailer, this isn't the first time the X-Men have encountered Deadpool. Also, it doesn't seem like those previous meetings went well. In the comics, Deadpool has a contentious relationship with the X-Men. He desperately wants to be accepted by the team, but he isn't actually a mutant so they won't let him join. Also, even Wolverine thinks that Deadpool is a little too violent. That's saying something, considering how many people Wolverine has sliced in half during his life. It seems like the movie version of Deadpool isn't as eager to join the movie X-Men, considering that they come by and yell at him every time he slaughters a group of villains in the middle of a highway.

Superhero Obsession

Previous trailers did a good job setting up the tone of the film, but this one finally reveals a little bit about Wade Wilson's actual personality. Previously, we've known that he talks a lot and likes to make a lot of jokes, but here we get a glimpse into his motivation. Apparently, Wade's really into superheroes. That's why he lets that shadowy agency experiment on his body, because they promised they'd make him into a hero. Then, when he gets pulled into action, he creates the costume and persona because of his obsession. Also, we see Wade putting together the Deadpool costume himself, so he's not a just a potential superhero—he's also amazing with crafts.

Weapon X Is Active

In the comics, Deadpool is created by the Weapon X program. They're the same group that created Wolverine, and they even have potential ties all the way back to World War II and Captain America. It's a top secret project run by Canada's Department K, and it turns people into living weapons, usually against their will. Wade Wilson is one of their experiments, and the genetic manipulation and torture turns him into the superpowered psychopath known as Deadpool. While the agency in the movie hasn't been named, it's clearly inspired by Weapon X. We get our first glimpses of them, and we see some of the other experiments. Hopefully this movie will finally bring the Canadian government into play, because the U.S. government can't always be the bad guy.

Deadpool's On The Run

Deadpool's comic book exploits start when he escapes from the Weapon X facility to operate as a mercenary. Obviously, Deadpool harbors some anger for the people that created him, but it isn't really a motivating factor in his day to day life. The version of Weapon X that created Deadpool is mostly defunct by this point, and aside from a few encounters here and there, they mainly leave Deadpool alone. The movie seems to be taking a different approach. While we see glimpses of Deadpool's escape, and the destruction caused in the aftermath, the group that creates him survives that. Wade looks like he's on the run from them, only becoming Deadpool after his girlfriend is kidnapped. We also see Deadpool's hit list of who we assume to be the group's members. It could also just be a random group of photos that Wade keeps on his wall. You never really know with him.

Powered Up Negasonic Teenage Warhead And Angel Dust

We've seen both of these characters before, but this trailer finally reveals both Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Angel Dust in action. They're both super powerful and should lead to some epic fights. Angel Dust in the comics is one of the Morlocks, a group of mutants that hides from society in the sewers. She has the power to increase her adrenaline to superhuman levels, giving her periods of extreme strength. We don't know much about her backstory in the movie, but it's revealed that she's strong enough to toss Colossus around. Negasonic, on the other hand, seems like a complete departure from the comics, where she's a telepath with potential precognitive abilities. The movie decides to take her name literally, and turns her into a powered-up bruiser. Which makes sense, because if she's going to go by such a ridiculous name, she'd better be able to kick some butt.


In previous trailers, we don't really get much story on Wade's girlfriend, Vanessa. All we've seen up to this point is Wade giving her attitude when she tries to be supportive. This trailer opens up on their relationship a little bit more, showing us a tender moment between the two. We also learn that her kidnapping drives the plot. In the comics, Wade and Vanessa have a relationship until Wade finds out about his cancer. After becoming Deadpool, he discovers that his ex-girlfriend is actually a mutant with shape shifting powers. It's not clear if the Vanessa in the movie is a mutant or not, but we get some hints. She gets picked up by the Weapon X goons, so it's possible that they end up giving her powers. We do see some pretty impressive fight moves from her, so it's not likely that she'll just play the role of damsel in distress. If the filmmakers decide to follow the comics, then we'll end up seeing Vanessa with blue skin and white hair, which seems like the sort of person Deadpool would end up dating.

There's Going To Be A Lot Of Crotch Shots

Based on how many of these shots appear in the trailer, get ready to see a lot of Deadpool's butt and crotch. This is pretty in line with the humor from the comics. There's a lot of commentary and parody of modern day comics and storytelling, but there's way more slapstick and potty humor. In the trailer, we get two close-ups of Wade's crotch, and then there's the scene where Deadpool gets shot in the rump. We're just saying, before seeing this movie, brace yourselves...because this is probably only the tip of the iceberg. Or the crotchberg, to be more specific.

During the Christmas holiday weekend, Fox dropped a new Deadpool trailer:

Even better, we got a red-band version of the preview, meaning it was unedited for language, violence, and gore. We've analyzed all the new footage for you. Here's everything that's been revealed in the new Deadpool trailer...