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The Christopher Nolan Movie You Didn't Know CSI's Jorja Fox Starred In

One of the biggest draws of the sequel series "CSI: Vegas" is the fact that it brings back some of the most iconic characters from the original "CSI." That includes the triumphant return of former CSI lead Gil Grissom (William Peterson), as well as the brilliant forensic scientist Sara Sidle (Jorja Fox).

Sara Sidle was one of the main characters on the original "CSI," serving as a core member of the team throughout the first eight seasons. She developed a romantic relationship with Grissom that ended in a tumultuous marriage and divorce. Sidle's popularity on-screen was due, in no small part, to the performance of Fox, who portrayed the hot-headed scientist with a delicate balance that emphasized her traumatic history, as well as her temperamental side.

Jorja Fox is one of the more easily recognizable actors in the entire "CSI" franchise, but some fans might still be surprised to learn about the small role she had in the movie that arguably put Christopher Nolan on the map.

Jorja Fox had a small but essential role in Memento

"Memento," released in 2000, is the movie that helped make Christopher Nolan a household name. The film follows Leonard Shelby (Guy Pearce) as he seeks revenge on the men who murdered his wife Catherine. Shelby suffers from amnesia, and cannot form short-term memories, so he must use the notes and photographs he leaves himself to continue tracking down his suspects.

The entire film plays out in a nonlinear narrative, so when we finally get to see Leonard's wife alive, it's in a flashback. It's then that we discover she's played by none other than Jorja Fox. It's remarkable how easy it is to miss her in the movie considering her death essentially informs the entire narrative. However, we really only see her in a few brief glimpses throughout, most notably in a flashback to her murder in Leonard's bathroom.

We later find out that Leonard's wife actually survived the attack he thought had killed her, and that he himself may actually be responsible for her death at a later date. Catherine is crucial to the narrative and the development of Leonard's character, and though she only appears for a brief moment or two, Jorja Fox's influence hangs over the entire film from start to finish.