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The Deku Theory That Would Change Everything In My Hero Academia

At some point in every fan's "My Hero Academia" journey, they inevitably ask the question: "Where is Deku's dad?" Though we see much of series protagonist Deku's home life as he enrolls at U.A. High School and begins working as a superhero, we are only ever shown his kind and concerned mother. Apart from some occasional dialogue mentioning him, we never actually see anything of Deku's father.

In canon, "My Hero Academia" has revealed the identity of Deku's father — a man named Hisashi Midoriya with the ability to breathe fire (via Fandom). Since his job forces him to work abroad, Hisashi is simply never at his home in Japan. However, those sparse details alone aren't really enough to sate viewers' curiosity, and many still find themselves coming up with theories about Deku's true parentage. In particular, one fan has come up with an interesting theory which, if true, would change everything in "My Hero Academia."

My Hero Academia would change drastically if Deku's dad was a villain

Believe it or not, family is actually a fairly integral part of the story in "My Hero Academia." Characters treat the matter very gravely, especially when it affects their hero life. Take, for instance, All Might's emotional reaction when he learns that the villain Shigaraki is actually the Grandson of his mentor (Episode 49). This is why fans believe that it would change everything in "My Hero Academia" if the supervillain, All For One, turned out to be Deku's real father.

"I don't think it would be all that good for the series but one positive I can think of is overcoming fates and expectations," wrote one Quora user in response to the theory. "[Shigaraki] was Nana Shimura's grandson so people would have expected him to become a hero, but he defied this and became a villain working alongside AFO. Maybe Deku could overcome being seemingly destined for evil and continue to work alongside All Might to prove his father wrong."

One thing that is certain, however, is that Deku would not stop being a hero. We already know from his narration that this is the story of how he becomes the number one hero, so switching sides is out of the question. However, it would likely cause Deku and other characters in the series to second guess themselves. It might even cause Deku to rethink how he might approach the villain, with peace becoming a more desirable option.