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Konbini Zombies - What We Know So Far

A new horror-comedy flick from actor, screenwriter, and director Morayo Akandé is looming on the horizon, courtesy of the United Kingdom and Japan-based creator's new screenplay "Konbini Zombies" being optioned by the international production company 108 Media. The movie is planned to approach multiple markets, being told in both English and Japanese, and early information seems to suggest that it has the potential to join the ranks of some of the top horror-comedy greats from across the years.

Akandé is best known for her 2016 short film "1745," which was nominated for the "Best Short Film" category at the 2017 BAFTA Scotland Awards (per IMDb). That film focused on two enslaved sisters, one of whom was also played by Akandé, who make their daring escape from captivity in Scotland during the 1700s. While the initial details surrounding "Konbini Zombies" suggest it will be a marked departure from "1745" in terms of tone, setting, and subject material, Akandé's new work promises to offer another tale that will be deeply rooted in appreciating the diverse cultural perspectives of the world.

What is the release date of Konbini Zombies?

"Konbini Zombies," unfortunately, has no current release date set, but according to Deadline, the film crew is planning to start shooting the movie in Tokyo, Japan in April 2022. Based on the usual amount of time post-production takes for movies after the principle shooting period, it's relatively likely that the movie won't release for roughly another year or so after filming has concluded. As such, interested audiences should expect the movie to release sometime in 2023 at the soonest, or perhaps early 2024.

Viewers who are anticipating the film's release should also be cognizant of the challenges afforded by the ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic, which has been responsible for delays in the production timelines of numerous movies and TV shows, with the hassles of filming leading to far longer production schedules than the past. Considering that "Konbini Zombies" has production roots in both the United Kingdom and Japan, international travel restrictions and other factors could easily impede the progress of the film and lead to unforeseen delays.

Who is in the cast of Konbini Zombies?

No cast members for "Konbini Zombies" have been announced yet, but Deadline confirmed that the casting process for the movie is currently underway. Since the movie will be set in Tokyo and considering that Morayo Akandé typically resists Hollywood's worst tendencies and maintains a focus on cultural authenticity in her works, it's likely that much of the cast will primarily be made up of Japanese actors.

Much of the film's behind the scenes talent, however, is already built out and confirmed. Akandé will be helming the film, serving as both its writer and director. Justin Deimen, Micah Tadena, Matthew Wilson and Moyo Akandé all share duties on producing the movie, while Ryo Ebe and Abhi Rastogi are both working as executive producers. Much of the crew worked together previously on the 2021 film "Gameboys: The Movie," a Philippine romance flick that centered on the blossoming relationship between gamers-turned-lovers Cairo and Gavreel during the COVID-19 pandemic.

What is the plot of Konbini Zombies?

"Konbini Zombies" is set to provide a subversive and comedic take on the zombie apocalypse genre, perhaps in the same vein as 2004's zombie movie spoof "Shaun of the Dead" and 2009's "Zombieland." Centering upon a small konbini (a Japanese convenience store) located on the outskirts of Tokyo, the lazy clerks of the shop must quickly spring into action to defend themselves and their store when it's suddenly attacked by a crop of zombified office workers. The team will find its unlikely leader in the form of the reserved clerk Mayumi. Not much else is known about the plot beyond this initial synopsis, but Akandé commented to Deadline that her primary goal with the project is to illustrate a unique cultural perspective.

"I'm really passionate about telling universal narratives and elevating underrepresented voices," Akandé said to Deadline. "I aim to deliver a bold and unique project that inspires audiences to see Japan from a new perspective."