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The Hilarious Reason Tom Holland And Zendaya Had Trouble Filming This No Way Home Scene

One of the key aspects of live-action superhero films has always been the stunts. Major action setpieces are part and parcel with this film genre, whether they're focusing on highly-trained spies, like "Black Widow" did, symbiote-controlled humans battling it out for dominance, like in "Venom: Let There Be Carnage," or the upcoming Sony Pictures feature "Spider-Man: No Way Home," where Tom Holland's Peter Parker will once again showcase his many abilities, including being able to climb up walls and create webs to swing from.

As the most recent "No Way Home" trailer revealed, there are plenty of action setpieces and intricate stunts mixed into the story of Peter Parker fighting a multitude of villains and trying to restore peace to his world after a wish for anonymity goes awry. Despite looking effortless onscreen, these stunts are often dangerous to execute or, at minimum, tough to do successfully. However, sometimes the planning is foiled by more humorous situations that no one could have planned for. 

Holland and Zendaya, two of the stars of "No Way Home," recently spoke about how a key difference between the two performers led to amusing difficulties shooting one of the film's stunts.

Zendaya and Holland's heights led to this No Way Home filming complication

Speaking on "The Graham Norton Show" earlier this week (via YouTube), "Spider-Man: No Way Home" star Zendaya revealed that filming at least one scene was particularly troublesome because of her height difference with co-star Tom Holland. The actress began the anecdote by talking about a particular stunt where Spider-Man (Holland) swings himself and MJ (Zendaya) onto the top of a bridge. Zendaya went on to reveal that the height difference between the two performers led to issues because her feet would hit the mark before Holland's.

"There's a particular stunt, Spider-Man swings us on top of the bridge and places me there," Zendaya said, "So he's supposed to gently, you know, rest MJ on the bridge and walk away from her. Because of our height difference, obviously, if we're on the same, like, point."

Then, Holland interjected to clarify that the two were attached, which Zendaya confirmed. She remarked, "We were attached, I would land before him. My feet obviously hit the ground before he does, so what would happen?"

Holland picked up the story from there, adding that there was a particular mark designated to prevent them both from serious injury. But, in their case, "Zendaya would land, and I'm the superhero, I'm supposed to look cool, and she would land, and I would sort of land like this, and my feet would swing from underneath me, and then she would catch me," he finished, with the duo providing a visual demonstration. It's never a dull moment with these two, is it?

"Spider-Man: No Way Home" will be in theaters on December 17.