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Catwoman Gets An Honest Trailer

Wonder Woman may be setting a high bar for the future of female-led superhero movies, but before that success, there was a pretty notable failure: Halle Berry's Catwoman, a critically panned box office bomb which besmirched the name of the popular superhero and earned the ire of fans everywhere. To celebrate the release of what looks to be a much, much better female hero hitting the big screen this Friday, ScreenJunkies' Honest Trailers took on Catwoman, pointing out all of the weird details that sent audiences rushing for the exits.

The Honest Trailer begins by describing the movie as "a solemn reminder that no matter what happens with the new Wonder Woman, the bar for female-led superhero movies is really, really low." The trailer describes the film as a "sloppily directed, insanely edited, terribly written, ridiculously acted pile of cat barf" which completely ignores its source material, turning Selina Kyle into Patience Philips, a graphic designer with "two of film's horniest coworkers." 

As the trailer points out, the film works not so hard at making star Halle Berry appear frumpy, covering her in plus-sized clothes and making her very clumsy– until, of course, "a cat french-kisses her dead body on a pile of garbage." This gives her the literal powers of a cat, including "hissing, getting off to catnip, and eating disgusting amounts of tuna." Instead of seeing a doctor about her newfound condition, Patience decides to just Google the phrase "cats. women" and to give herself a super cool haircut, because that makes sense. 

The trailer also pokes fun at the villain Catwoman has to face off against, saying that the film takes a step forward by showing a female superhero but takes eight steps back by having her do battle against evil moisturizer. Calling the product "a class-action lawsuit waiting to happen," the trailer rightfully points out that the product likely would have gotten recalled without Catwoman's help. 

"So watch out boys, this ain't the superhero movie for you, and step back girls, cuz it's not for you either," the trailer concludes. "Or you, Batman fans, or you, person with eyes and ears. This is a movie made for no one about nothing that never should have existed." (But hey, at least we got Berry's Razzie speech out of it.)

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