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There's A Tiger King Spin-Off Coming And It Looks Ridiculous

In March 2020, there was only one thing people could talk about. It dominated social media and had millions wondering about what the state of humanity would look like in a matter of months. Of course, we're talking about the Netflix sensation — "Tiger King."

Yes, the world may have had to stay apart due to global lockdowns as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, but we all managed to come together to talk about all of the craziness that was "Tiger King." It had everything audiences could possibly want out of a binge-worthy series, from eclectic characters to lovable cats to murder and deception. It was one of the zaniest documentaries in existence, so it shouldn't have come as a surprise when the streaming platform recently came out with Season 2 to check in on Joe Exotic and the rest of these people who just can't get enough of themselves and their cats. 

It appears Netflix isn't done with this wacky crew just yet. A trailer just came out to promote the upcoming spinoff, "Tiger King: The Doc Antle Story," which goes behind the scenes of one of the most controversial figures to come out of the main series ... and that's really saying something. 

The new documentary series will detail troubling accusations against Doc Antle

If you watched "Tiger King 2," you may have wondered to yourself why more time wasn't devoted to Doc Antle's exploits, especially when it comes to wildlife trafficking (via National Geographic) and running what was essentially a cult as the first season chronicled. Now it appears as though Netflix was saving all of those juicy details for an entirely new series of its own, titled "Tiger King: The Doc Antle Story."

Based on the trailer, it appears as though several women felt empowered after the release of the original "Tiger King" to come forward with accusations against Doc Antle. The preview goes on to detail how he used cult teachings to manipulate young women around him, many of whom have decided to come forward for the first time to let their side of the story known. 

Fans seem intrigued by the trailer, with many commenting underneath the YouTube clip. One such person summed it all up nicely by writing, "Netflix is creating a Tiger King universe lol .....my god 2021 in America is the best." Another fan didn't mind playing directly into the streaming service's hand: "Even netflix knows we [can't] get enough of this f***ery." As far as just how crazy things will get on "Tiger King: The Doc Antle Story," you'll have to switch over to Netflix on December 10 to find out.