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The One Sports Movie That Kevin Costner Would Never Make

When Kevin Costner was cast as grizzled rancher John Dutton on the drama series "Yellowstone," it seemed like the perfect casting. Who better than the man who starred in and directed the Western classic "Dances with Wolves" to take on the role of an aging cowboy coming to terms with the changes of the modern day? While there might always be an association between Kevin Costner and Westerns as a whole, it may surprise some fans to find out just how little of his career has been focused on the genre at all.

As shocking as it may seem, the more prominent theme in his acting work is that of sports. He's acted in multiple films about baseball (most famously in the 1989 fantasy drama "Field of Dreams"), as well as films about football, track-and-field, and NASCAR. It's reported that he is waiting for the right script to come along so he can take his love of basketball to the big screen as well (via Toronto Sun).

It seems like his filmography covers just about every major sport there is, though there is one notable exception, which Costner swears he could never do a film about.

If only Kevin Costner was born Canadian

In an interview with the Toronto Sun back in 2015, Costner said that he would never attempt to make a movie about hockey. "I couldn't do hockey, and I wouldn't do hockey," Costner explained. "The people who love hockey, I respect them too much. I don't know that sport. I really feel I missed something there, that if I'd grown up out East or in Canada, I'd have definitely played."

His explanation doesn't make a whole lot of sense, since by his own admission he has also never boxed, or raced in NASCAR, or even ran track-and-field. Funnily enough, Costner didn't seem to feel the need to justify why he hadn't done a soccer movie before, either, as his exact quote was: "I don't give a s—about soccer."

Whatever his true reasons might be, it seems clear that Costner will continue to be selective when it comes to future sports-related projects — perhaps because he's still holding out for that one basketball movie to finally come along after all these years.