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The One Chicago Character Most Likely To Win On Squid Game

Netflix's "Squid Game" has taken the world by storm. Since the show's release, its' dark, uncompromising portrait of class inequity, the horrors of poverty, and the life-threatening, life-ruining things people will do to clear their debts has resonated with scores of viewers.

To win the competition depicted on the show, your average competitor must combine physical, manual, and mental dexterity with an iron-clad emotional constitution and a cunning nature. One by one, characters fall by the wayside as they try to win the huge cash prize offered to them thanks to their own weaknesses. And as it turns out, getting "eliminated" from a game means death.

The folks who live in NBC's "One Chicago" universe — which is comprised of the hit dramas "Chicago Fire," "Chicago Med," and "Chicago P.D." — eat death for breakfast on a daily basis. So competing in a treacherous contest like the one on "Squid Game" would be a slightly easier task for them than it might be for your average citizen. But which "One Chicago" character would take the cake? Who would force the Front Man to pay out? We think we know which doctor, paramedic, cop, or fireman would win on "Squid Game" without breaking a sweat.

Lt. Kelly Severide would likely win on Squid Game

"Chicago Fire" mainstay Lt. Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) has a lot of qualities that make him a desirable candidate to be the last person standing on "Squid Game." He's physically sound, mentally adroit, and draws women to him like flies are drawn to honey. This means he could build up useful relationships during the contest that might be useful to him later.  But even more importantly, he has a creative and quick mind that could save his life if forced to play the show's penultimate game.

Let's count down some of Kelly's most memorable feats to illustrate why he's the best candidate for the job. Once, he and Matthew Casey (Jesse Spencer) jumped from the top of a building to avoid an explosion and survived the fall (via YouTube). He once jump-started the engine of an overturned front loader to save the life of a boy using the spine of a textbook and his mechanical knowledge; not only did the kid live, but Severide also avoided being crushed in the process. And he once saved the life of another child during a raging fire by rappelling halfway down a skyscraper and kicking in a window to a lower floor.

When you add together all of these physical feats, you get a man who has all of the physical and mental qualities needed to survive days of harrowing competition on "Squid Game." After surviving all of these high-risk activities, playing hopscotch on a see-through board that's suspended in mid-air would probably be a cakewalk for him.