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The Smartest Decision Ever Made In The Conjuring Franchise

Horror movies are often filled with people making downright ridiculous decisions. After all, you don't find yourself in a deadly predicament with killers and monsters without typically being a few crayons short of a full box if you catch our drift. Sometimes, the wrong decision is the entire catalyst of the movie, such as the group of women deciding to go spelunking down an unexplored cavern in "The Descent." There are also countless examples of people refusing to take their time to fumble with the car keys when danger is lurking just a few feet away. It creates tension, but when you think about it for more than a few seconds, you realize just how dumb these decisions genuinely are. 

That's why it's such a breath of fresh air when a character in a horror flick does the right thing ... eventually. This is readily seen in "The Conjuring" franchise with the second installment of the franchise. The moment usurps typical horror movie tropes and has the characters do something the audience has yelled at numerous families to do in the past: leave the haunted house.

Fans could rest easy when the family in The Conjuring 2 actually left their house

Redditor u/_that_random_guy_ kicked things off on social media by asking a simple question: "What are the smartest decisions made by characters in film?" The prompt resulted in a ton of responses from every genre of film imaginable, but horror flicks got a particularly good showing. One of the best answers came from u/sledge115, who wrote, "The Conjuring 2. The family decides to move out instead of staying once it becomes obvious what the hell is going on. The police takes one look at the chair moving on its own and honestly tells the family they can't do anything about it."

It makes sense. After all, so many times in haunted house horror movies, you have the family absolutely refuse to leave even when spooky things heighten. It just never adds up and seems only to happen so that they can continue being terrified by spirits that are (for the most part) bound to a single location. Others chimed in with agreement, seeming to recognize how odd and unique that moment was for "The Conjuring 2." Take it from u/viodox0259, who wrote, "You know something, I was really shocked at that part. Just the fact they implied simple common sense in a film. Still one of my favorite horror films."

It just goes to show how filmmakers can break convention and still have a terrifying movie. Here's hoping future horror flicks follow suit.