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35% Of American Horror Story Fans Agree This Was The Scariest Monster

Across 10 seasons of spooky set pieces, unnerving atmospheres, and controversial storylines, "American Horror Story" has given birth to some of modern television's most memorable monsters. 

Fans have never stopped discussing disturbing characters from throughout the show's run, like the murderous clown Twisty from "Freak Show," the reanimated corpse Infantata from "Murder House," and the vengeful Piggy Man ghost from "Roanoke" — each of whom are nothing short of pure nightmare fuel. Some of the show's scenes have even managed to scare the actors filming them, such as Emma Roberts' fearful reaction to the scene where her character is chased through the woods by Dandy in "Freak Show." 

However, though the horror anthology series has crafted a whole slew of bloody, grotesque, and evil creatures of the night, one horrifying monster from the show's fifth season "Hotel," has stood out among the rest, striking a mix of fear and disgust in the hearts of viewers everywhere.

The Addiction Demon haunts the minds of fans

According to a poll on the r/AmericanHorrorStory subreddit, 35 percent of fans voted the Addiction Demon from "Hotel" as the scariest monster from across the series. Twisty the Clown from "Freak Show" came in second, pulling in roughly 19 percent of the vote, while the Raspers from the "Asylum" season managed third with about 15 percent. "Up voted the Addiction Demon for both the character and the actor's performance," Reddit user u/Yunafires commented. "Dude's great on LA By Night, too." 

Other commenters expressed their own opinions on the ranking, with some saying they thought a different monster should have come out on top. "I think aesthetically, Twisty wins hands down," Reddit user u/cteavin commented. "Later, after we get his backstory, he becomes less frightening. Also, the Addiction Demon isn't fleshed out at all, so I don't feel anything when it's on screen."

While opinions are split on the Addiction Demon, few can deny that the monster from "Hotel" provided one of the show's most brutal and disturbing scenes. A manifestation of substance addiction, the pale monster roamed the Hotel Cortez sporting only a strap-on drill-bit around its waist. In the first episode of the season, it attacks a drug addict in one of the rooms, throwing him on the bed and assaulting him with the drill-bit.

"I don't find the addiction demon scary but you know for sure you'd be in incredible pain once it catches you," Reddit user u/Coffeenwineplease commented.