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The Most Cringeworthy Moment From 9-1-1 Season 5 Episode 8 According To Fans

"9-1-1" on FOX is many things to many people. It's an inspirational story about the lengths first responders will go to in order to protect innocent civilians. It's a distraction from people's everyday lives as they get to witness larger-than-life scenarios play out. However, the one thing no television show wants to be is cringey, and unfortunately, that appears to be the case for one of the most recent installments of "9-1-1." 

Season 5, Episode 8, "Defend in Place," originally aired on November 15, 2021. Several weeks later, it would appear as though fans still can't help themselves from talking about one moment, in particular. Namely, there's a part of the episode where Taylor tells Buck she loves him for the first time. It's a significant moment in any relationship, and hopefully, it's met with adulation and gratitude. The only problem with "9-1-1" is that when Buck hears it for the first time, he meets it with a look that can best be described as "Just smelled a fart."

Buck's reaction is full-on cringe for 9-1-1 fans

Normally, when someone tells you they love you, you want to have an appropriate expression on your face. A simple smile will suffice. You don't want to look like someone grew a third arm in front of you, and that's exactly why "9-1-1" fans feel so repulsed by Buck's reaction to Taylor on "9-1-1."

Plenty of people have reactions across Twitter, including @24DAVID, who responded with the following sarcastic expression: "ahh, yes. the face of a person who's in love." Numerous other people chimed in with their beliefs, such as @bvcklydiaz, who went in with the following rant: "HOW exactly is this the face of a man who says [I love you] for the first time to his girlfriend after she said that to him??? seriously it's ridiculous like his face doesn't really screams 'happy and in love' here?? like AT ALL."

Granted, one could make the argument that his unnatural reaction to hearing "I love you" is entirely in character. After all, he was a womanizer at the beginning of the series and has only started to settle down recently. It's possible he's never dealt with this situation before, so he doesn't know how to react. Still, cringe takes many forms and often doesn't rely on context to make things better. Here's hoping Buck and Taylor's relationship only gets better from here.