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Wonder Woman Doesn't Have A Single Deleted Scene, Says Director

Wonder Woman got it right the first time around. The film's director, Patty Jenkins, recently spoke with Collider during a press junket to discuss the upcoming superhero pic. Jenkins dished on the filmmaking process and the emotionally complex narrative at the heart of Wonder Woman, one she and the rest of the creative crew wanted to get just right. That's when Jenkins revealed an interesting bit of information: not a single scene was cut from Wonder Woman

Jenkins explained that creating Wonder Woman was a "long journey," but very little was altered in post-production. "What amazes me is how little has actually changed from the first cut other than tightening. Little changes to the final battle, that was really it," she said. 

For Jenkins, the editing process was more about fine-tuning the feeling of the story. "I think that what I ended up finding about the final battle was I was hitting emotional points for Diana that I really wanted to hit but I felt a craving for some other kinds of emotional gratification and engagement that we tried to accentuate even more," said Jenkins. "I think what you learn is rhythm, tone, humor where the jokes are happening but in our case, I just now can finally say all this. We didn't cut one scene in this movie nor did we change the order of one scene in this movie from the script that we went in shooting with."

Jenkins clarified that the "walk to No Man's Land" was replaced with a "different version of the same sequence" (via Collider), but everything else remains unadjusted, so don't expect to see a director's cut of Wonder Woman rolling out any time soon. "We've got the DVD now, they keep wanting to put cut scenes and there aren't any," said Jenkins.

The director also commented on recent rumors that have criticized the film's organization, calling it a "mess" and a "disjointed disaster." Jenkins responded, "That was actually the most frustrating thing when somebody made up the rumor that it was a mess and I was like, 'Really? A mess? It's the opposite. It is so steady. It's been so even keel and steady.' It's been such an opposite experience." 

Wonder Woman going sans-deleted scenes may come as a shock, especially considering many of DC's other films have featured hours-long extended editions and Blu-ray releases stuffed with scrapped sequences, but it's actually pretty standard for Jenkins. Her 2003 film Monster, which stars Charlize Theron as serial killer Ailieen Wuornos, didn't have a single cut scene either. Bravo, Patty Jenkins. 

Wonder Woman is set for release on June 2. Until then, take a look at some of the most expensive deleted scenes ever filmed