What We Want To See In Daredevil Season 2

For everyone who thinks of the Kingpin as Daredevil's number one nemesis, Bullseye is usually right up there in the top spot alongside him. Season one teased him in the form of the cop-killing sharp shooter who carried a deck of playing cards—one of Bullseye's favorite weapons—but his absence was definitely noticeable otherwise. Bullseye is a sadist who never misses, whose special abilities should be no problem for the special effects folks to pull off believably. As both an evil foil for Daredevil and a villain with the power to terrify, Bullseye is a must-have addition to season two.

More Courtroom Battles

Some of the best moments of season one saw Matt Murdock out of costume and in the courtroom (or at least working as a lawyer). His defense of John Healy, one of the Kingpin's assassins, was compelling, and provided a fascinating look into how Daredevil works for justice both in and out of the legal system. For the conflict between these two sides to really come through, we need to see more of Nelson and Murdock being, well, Nelson and Murdock.


Again, Elektra earned a tease in season one, when Foggy brings up "that Greek girl" that Matt dated while in law school. Just like the Kingpin and Bullseye, Elektra is one of the most important supporting characters in Daredevil's long history. Moreover, she's got solid name recognition, having appeared in Marvel's earlier (lousy) Daredevil movie and starring in her own (also lousy) feature film. Despite those flops, Elektra is important, and she's a natural fit for season two.

Fewer Deaths

On the subject of Healy, he was one of the cooler new characters to show up in the series—and then he died. And then there was Ben Urich, a legendary Marvel character—and then he died. The point we're trying to make here is that while death is certainly an important part of telling gripping crime stories, as well as action adventure stories, there's something to be said for keeping good characters alive and kicking. The loss of Healy isn't quite as bad as losing Urich, since the latter has tons of potential for great stories—not to mention being one of a small handful of important characters of color in the live action Marvel Universe. Did he really have to die? Couldn't the Kingpin have been stopped somehow before Urich died to accomplish the same thing for the plot? While death in comics is a revolving door, it's a bit more final in live action television (usually). Let's only pull that trigger when we really need to.

A New Costume

This should be a no-brainer. The final reveal of Daredevil's superhero costume at the end of the final episode of season one was less than stellar. Simply put, it looks weird as hell, and almost derailed the entire final confrontation with the Kingpin because of how distracting it looked. Let's bring it just a little closer to how it looked in the comics, okay?

Stilt Man

Okay, we're mostly kidding with this one. But Stilt Man's stilts definitely showed up in Melvin Potter's workshop! Who wouldn't want to watch Daredevil fight Stilt Man over the streets of New York? Let's make #stiltman2016 trend on Twitter, shall we?

Team Ups

One of Daredevil's greatest strengths was the fact that the show took place in the larger Marvel Universe, but still managed to carve out its own independent place within that continuity. By the time season two rolls around, however, Netflix will have aired the other exclusive Marvel series it has in the works: Iron Fist, Luke Cage, AKA Jessica Jones, and The Defenders. Those smaller scale Marvel heroes could fit right into Daredevil's world—especially Iron Fist, whose nemesis, the Steel Serpent, was teased in Daredevil season one already in the form of Madame Gao and her heroin operation. Bring all those guys into Daredevil's world!

The Hand

We caught a glimpse of these guys in season one, represented by Nobu, one of the Kingpin's former partners in crime. The gang of ninjas that goes by the name The Hand makes frequent appearances in Daredevil's comic book adventures, so it seems like a logical next step for his next televised adventures. Seeing as how Matt Murdock is basically a ninja himself, The Hand is a natural fit—especially if they're looking to avenge Nobu's death.

The Owl

I know what you're probably thinking: Leland Owlsley, the Kingpin's criminal accountant, was killed when Fisk pushed him down an elevator shaft. But the late Mr. Owlsley made a few mentions of his son, Lee. A younger, angry Owlsley could easily move into Hell's Kitchen to try and take vengeance for his father's death.

Typhoid Mary

This is a lesser known villain compared to the Kingpin and Bullseye, but she looms large in Daredevil's overall continuity. Matt's bad luck with the ladies is pretty legendary, so bringing Typhoid Mary into the mix next season could provide some interesting results.

Netflix has officially confirmed that a second season of Daredevil has gotten the green light. Now that we know for sure that Matt Murdock and the rest of his friends (and foes) will be coming back for another round, here, in no particular order, is a list of things we want to see happen in season two. Spoilers for season one ahead...