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The Price Is Right Contestant Freaks Out After Breaking Plinko Record

A new Price is Right record has been set. A contestant named Ryan broke the show's Plinko record on Thursday, leading to a very well-deserved freak out.

Ryan had a magical run on the show. First, he came on and made the daring move of betting just $1. The risky decision paid off, leading to him running around the room and high-fiving the audience, before hugging host Drew Carey. The realization that he would then get to play Plinko led to another bout of running and screaming, and, after earning four extra Plinko chips, he took on the board.

Ryan was lucky from the start. His first chip won him $10,000; his second was less impressive, but still netted $1,000. His third won another $10,000, resulting in the excited contestant appearing to get close to passing out. He encouraged the crowd to start chanting, "Ryan, Ryan, Ryan!" before landing a $500 on his fourth try. As everyone began chanting "number five," he kissed his last chip before dropping it in– for another $10,000, and a total of $31,500, the show's new record. 

The audience went wild afterwards as Ryan stood in shock alongside a smiling Carey. His achievements are another impressive win in a long line of record-breaking, creative Price is Right successes; for more on the show, read up on its untold truth.