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Is There A New Episode Of Gold Rush: White Water Tonight? (December 17, 2021)

Do you think you have a tough job? Imagine venturing into some of the most inhospitable climates on the planet literally to search for buried treasure. Your livelihood depends entirely on how much gold you can find on a single expedition, and there's little room for error when the slightest mistake can set back an entire day's work. Those are the obstacles the cast of "Gold Rush: White Water" faces every time they go into the wilderness.

A spinoff of the popular Discovery Channel series "Gold Rush," "White Water" instead turns its attention toward Fred Hurt and his son, Dustin. Each season sees them travel into Alaskan territory and battle against raging waters to find riches. It's proven to be a popular foray for the channel, seeing how the spinoff debuted its fifth season on November 5, 2021. 

After being treated to dual episodes coming out on December 10, 2021, it appears as though "White Water" fans will have to go without new installments for a while.

No, there's no new Gold Rush: White Water episode on December 17, 2021

Fans will inevitably be disappointed when they check the Discovery Channel TV schedule for December 17. The network doesn't have a new episode of "Gold Rush: White Water" airing on that date. The network won't even be airing a rerun, instead focusing on the mainline "Gold Rush" series as well as the other spinoff "Gold Rush: Dave Turin's Lost Mine."

The show's had a bit of a bumpy road the past month in terms of getting new episodes out to the masses, but it's to be expected around the holidays. After a couple of weeks without a single new episode, Discovery Channel aired back-to-back new "Gold Rush: White Water" last week. And it appears as though that may be all fans will get for the foreseeable future.

When looking ahead in the schedule, there's no new episode planned for either December 24 or 31. Due to the holidays, many networks take their popular shows into hiatus around this time of year. Viewers want to spend time with their families, so new episodes will likely continue once we get past New Year's Day.