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Jeff Probst Spills Huge Survivor Secret On Game Changers Finale

Warning: this article contains spoilers for Wednesday night's Survivor finale.

We finally know what would happen in the event of a tie at the final tribal council on Survivor. The question has eluded fans of the show for years, as the event has yet to occur on the show; however, after a close call during the finale of Survivor: Game Changers, host Jeff Probst finally revealed what would go down if the final vote came out even.

The question came up as Probst talked to the jury about the night's winner, Sarah Lacina. Sarah was taken to the finals by Brad Culpepper, who chose her over Tai Trang. When Probst asked the jury how they would have voted had Brad taken Tai, they revealed that it would have ended up in an even 5-5 split, leading Probst to casually reveal one of the show's biggest secrets.

"This is something we've never talked about, but it's a perfect time," he said, before revealing the rule. According to Probst, should it come down to a tie, the third person in the finals who is not involved in the tie (in this case, Troyzan Robertson) would become a part of the jury and decide the final vote. 

Of course, this reveal wasn't exactly the most pleasant for Brad to hear, as Troyzan revealed that he would have gotten his vote, meaning that Brad's decision to take Sarah to the finals cost him $1 million. However, this is a bigger deal when you consider the implications for the future of the game– now, instead of just worrying about bringing people they can beat to the finals, contestants will also have to worry about bringing someone who may get to cast the final, $1 million vote.

It could be a while before a tie plays out in a final tribal, but the fact that we now know what would happen should give Survivor fans even more to ponder as they wait for the new season to premiere. For now, though, read up on the untold truth of the show.