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The Squid Game Challenge You'd Be Best At Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Based on the carnage that can be glimpsed throughout Netflix's hit series "Squid Game," the best way to survive the contest is to not enter it in the first place. Before a winner is crowned, hundreds are incinerated, with a few bearing the indignity of having their corpses harvested for organs. It is only through a tense combination of guile, cleverness, teamwork, the kindness of others, and pure dumb luck that someone comes out of the experience alive.

So, could you survive the fictional contest? Well, if you happen to lend any weight to astrology, the stars might have some answers. Zodiac symbols tell us that when you were born, among other factors, crystallizes your strengths, weaknesses, passions, and more. So, it might be fun and perhaps illuminating to take a look at each of the 12 astrological signs for clues as to which of the six competitive events in "Squid Game" each would be best at. Using Astrology.com as a guide, here are the "Squid Game" contests you'd be the most likely to win — ie, survive — based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: Tug of War

Aries is the sign of the leader, "leaders of the pack" who "get things going." In most "Squid Game" contests, that wouldn't be helpful. Leadership doesn't often come into play in the various "Squid Game" arenas — at least, not in a positive way. Most contests either have the players dependent on no one but themselves, or pitted directly against each other. The only exception is Tug of War, which we see unfold in the second half of Episode 4 (aptly titled "Stick to the Team") and the beginning of Episode 5 ("A Fair World"). Without proper leadership, most of the named characters wouldn't have survived to see Episode 5.

Only one character, really, displays leadership. The gangster Jang Deok-su (Heo Sung-tae) is a charismatic, brutal leader who puts together a team that easily wins their Tug of War match. The elderly Oh Il-nam (Oh Yeong-su) comes up with a strategy that allows the physically weaker team to survive their own contest. When the opposition rallies at the last moment, it's Cho Sang-woo (Park Hae-soo) who comes up with the plan to trip the opposition by moving forward. The true leader, however, is Gi-hun. Not only is he leading the team (he's physically in front), but with the strategies of both Il-nam and Sang-woo, it's Gi-hun who gets the rest of the team to go along with the plan.

Taurus: Squid Game

If you're a Taurus, you likely would have been one of the players to vote for stopping the game in Episode 2, "Hell." When you were given another opportunity to re-enter the game at the end of "Hell," there's no question — you would've submitted once more to the mysterious masked game workers for the chance to win billions. That's because a Taurus is all about the reward. If you were born between April 20 and May 20, you're not the kind of person who offers adages like "it's not the destination, it's the journey." No, to you, the destination is all there is. That's why, provided you make it that far, you would be a sure bet to win the titular contest of "Squid Game." 

In spite of beating Sang-woo nearly to death in "One Lucky Day" and winning a clear path to victory, Gi-hun nearly gives up the billions waiting for him by trying to get the game stopped. It's only because of Sang-woo's suicide that Gi-hun finds his bank account choked with cash. According to the teachings of astrology, there's pretty much no way Gi-hun is a Taurus. A Taurus may have hesitated, and may have even felt guilty and traumatized like Gi-hun, but they still would have won the game and allowed Sang-woo to die.

If you or anyone you know is having suicidal thoughts, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline​ at​ 1-800-273-TALK (8255)​.

Gemini: Marbles

One of the most deceptively brutal games unfolds in Episode 6, entitled "Ggbanbu." Before learning the nature of the next game, the players believe they're picking partners to help them win. They soon learn only one player from each partnership can survive the game of Marbles. While the contests between Gi-hun and Il-nam, as well as what happens between Kang Sae-byeok (Jung Ho-yeon) and Ji-yeong (Lee Yoo-mi), are an exception (both Ji-yeong and Il-nam essentially sacrifice themselves, or so it seems), in most cases the winner outsmarts the loser. That makes Marbles the arena of the Gemini.

Astrology.com calls Geminis "intellectually inclined" people who are always "probing people and places in search of information." It's only through their intellect that Sang-woo and Deok-su survive their respective games of Marbles. Sang-woo convinces the pure hearted Ali (Anupam Tripathi) into briefly giving him access to his marbles, which Sang-woo steals. Meanwhile Deok-su defeats his henchman Player 278 (Kwak Ja-hyoung) when the latter is at the precipice of victory, by convincing him to play a new game.

Cancer Tug of War

While the winning players in Tug of War need leaders, without a team, the leaders are meaningless. Leaders require a group to buy in, following them to the end, which is what makes Tug of War a game where Cancers would excel. That's because people under the Cancer sign are all about the home. They believe in tradition, staying close to your roots, and reveling in time spent with the family and other "communal activities." Tug of War is the closest thing to a "communal activity" any of the contestants experience in the contests of "Squid Game." 

Assuming they survive it, to Cancers, Tug of War would likely seem like a pleasant memory in comparison to the other arenas of "Squid Game." Such family- and community-minded people would feel more isolated than most competing by themselves or directly against other players. Playing Red Light, Green Light for example would be very difficult for most Cancers, because they'd be just as concerned about the other players as they would be about their own safety.

In light of that, Ali may very well have been a Cancer. It's only through his intervention that Gi-hun survives Red Light, Green Light, and he clearly excels when part of a team.

Leo: Squid Game

The Leo is another sign that would not do very well with Red Light, Green Light, as they are attention hogs. People under the lion's sign find themselves very much at home "on stage or in Hollywood." Of all the contests in "Squid Game," Red Light, Green Light is probably the one where you would have the least incentive to stand out. A Leo in such a game would be smart to hide behind someone else.

Alternatively, while a Leo wouldn't necessarily excel in the titular contest, they would have one substantial advantage going into the Squid Game. Facing off against a single opponent under the scrutiny of the guards and the uber-wealthy sponsors watching from above, a Leo would suffer less under critical eyes. Even with their life on the line, a Leo would be able to thrive as the center of attention, rather than have their nervousness add to already heavy shoulders. 

Virgo: Red Light, Green Light

Without a doubt, the inaugural contest of "Squid Game" — Red Light, Green Light — is the bloodiest of them all. All 456 players are gathered for the game. In order to survive, they must cross a field protected by the giant, creepy animatronic girl whose eyes capture any movement, while unsympathetic, automated guns flanking the field take care of the rest. Over half the contestants — 255 in total — are dead by the end of the premiere episode. Most of them were likely not Virgos

Virgos are known for their precision. People falling under that sign are known for their signature exactitude, but it is tendencies like that which could help Virgos survive the opening shots of "Squid Game." To survive Red Light, Green Light — unless you're betting on Ali or someone like him to catch you when you fall — you need to pay attention to exactly when you should move and exactly when you should stop, right down to the second. To get to the end of Red Light, Green Light unscathed, it's likely the Virgos in question would gladly endure some teasing.

Libra: Tug of War

Libras don't like being alone. In particular, Libras thrive in pairs, especially when it comes to marriage. They need to be around others, they crave the communal aspect, and they work best as collaborators. They're wonderful partners and team players.

Tug of War is the clear choice for those falling under the sign of Libra. Like Cancers, Libras would be more comfortable and effective as part of a group working toward a common goal rather than a lone, desperate contestant struggling to survive. The again, it might be difficult for Libras to survive long enough to make it to Tug of War, since the games coming before it would find them fending for themselves.

Conversely, Marbles would prove the Libra's worst nightmare. They'd be fooled into believing they were finding themselves in their comfort place — in a pair — only to find the contestant they had been coupled with was their enemy. 

Scorpio: Honeycomb

In Episode 3, "The Man with the Umbrella," the players are ushered into an indoor playground where they must play Honeycomb, aka Ppopgi. It isn't too long before what looks like an idyllic childhood dream on the surface turns into a bloodbath. While we don't know the zodiac signs of the respective survivors, there are two signs that seem especially suited for a game like this, the first being the Scorpio.

Scorpios are investigators. Those who fall under the sign are serious in their quest to learn and as we see in "Umbrella," most of those among the named cast who survive do so through investigation. Han Mi-nyeo (Kim Joo-ryoung) survives the game by using a smuggled lighter to heat the end of her needle, and she passes the lighter along to Deok-su, helping to keep him alive a little longer. Gi-hun only manages to make it through the contest, in spite of choosing the most complex shape, by experimenting with licking the honeycomb, which renders it easier to cleanly take apart. Meanwhile, many of the other unnamed contestants only make it through because they see Gi-hun and copy him.

Sagittarius: Honeycomb

Like Scorpios, those falling under the Sagittarius sign are well-equipped to tackle the Honeycomb trial. Like Scorpios, a Sagittarius is a seeker of knowledge, though their quest for truth usually bring them to loftier places, considering questions of philosophy and religion, for example. Still, knowledge — no matter what form it takes — is key to the Sagittarius, and as we see in "The Man with the Umbrella," it is key in surviving Honeycomb. 

Through investigation Mi-nyeo, Deok-su, and Gi-hun are able to figure out easier ways to cleanly crack their honeycombs. Meanwhile, there are two other members of the named cast who manage to make it through because of foreknowledge. Recognizing the significance of the shapes, Sang-woo knows to pick the triangle — the simplest and easiest of the shapes to deal with. The disgraced doctor Byeong-gi (Yoo Sung-joo) does the same, having been warned earlier by the guards employing him to harvest organs. Meanwhile, Sae-byeok gets an early warning when she sneaks into an air vent and sees the workers making the honeycomb. 

Capricorn: Tug of War

Excepting perhaps Squid Game itself — depending on who you end up facing — the Tug of War is the most physically strenuous of the contests. You're forced to not only struggle against the efforts of an opposing team, but to work in concert with your own comrades. As such, you would definitely want Capricorns on your side of the rope. 

The mountain goat is strongly associated with the Capricorn sign, and those falling under it are some of the hardest workers you'll find anywhere. Capricorns tugging on your side of the rope won't let exhaustion or fear stop them from pushing themselves as hard as they can; they keep at it until the work is done. 

The Honeycomb contest wouldn't be a bad choice for a Capricorn. No matter what shape they picked, they'd make sure not to get careless or sloppy. However, hard work doesn't always translate into good work, and a Capricorn who chooses the umbrella is still likely in for a shortened life. So while Honeycomb wouldn't be the worst choice to make, Tug of War is still the best.

Aquarius: Tug of War

You might be familiar with the 1969 song "Aquarius/Let the Sun Shine In" by the 5th Dimension. It's often used in media as shorthand for a 1960's "free love" moment, or one of levity like when the entire cast breaks into song at the end of 2005's "The 40-Year-Old Virgin" to celebrate Steve Carell's character finally losing his virginity. The Aquarius remains inextricably linked to our vision of the '60s not just because of that song, but because it is precisely the generous, communal, socially conscious world the hippies of that time wanted to create that is representative of the Aquarius sign. Those under the Aquarius want a better world, and they want to work with others to make it happen. 

Like Libras and Cancers, there's only one "Squid Game" arena that an Aquarius would likely find comfort in, and that's Tug of War. While an Aquarius would ultimately regret the deaths of their opponents, they work best when working with a community struggling for the same outcome. An Aquarius would likely find themselves horrified by the rest of the contests — but, then again, who wouldn't?

Pisces: Glass Tile Game

Perhaps the most precarious of all the "Squid Games" contests is the Glass Tile Game, which unfolds in Episode 7, entitled "VIPS." Despite most of the game taking place on the precarious glass tile bridge, the contest's outcome is largely decided earlier when the players choose their numbers. Those who choose the lead numbers are doomed; there is no way for most of the contestants to tell between the weak and strong glass, and they are the guinea pigs.

When it is determined that Player 017 (Lee Sang-hee) is a glassmaker, the lights are turned off to remove his advantage. Yes, a number of players are murdered by their opponents, but odds are they wouldn't have survived anyway. Once they're done choosing their numbers, the game essentially comes down to a coin toss. 

This makes the Glass Tile Game the arena of the Pisces. Astrology.com calls Pisces "selfless, spiritual" and says they "place great weight on what they are feeling." Acting selfless (and on his feelings rather than his thoughts) is precisely what saves Gi-hun in the Glass Tile Game. He is about to pick the lead number when Player 096 (Woo-hyeok Jeong) begs him for the number 1 spot. Gi-hun agrees, out of sympathy for the man's need to finally lead the pack, and that choice puts Gi-hun in the rear, where he's able to more easily navigate the tiles after so many weak ones have been revealed — at a horrifying, terrible cost to the contestants.