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The One Hellbound Character That Netflix Fans Can't Stand

Not only is Korean pop music moving more and more into mainstream territory in the United States (via NYLON), but it seems that Korean dramas are similarly having a moment in 2021, thanks to Netflix. Titles such as "My Name" and, of course, "Squid Game" have claimed (and held) spots on the streaming service's Top 10 in the U.S. rankings this year, with the latter even becoming the most-watched Netflix original series ever (via Business Insider). In fact, Korean dramas (AKA K-Dramas) have grown so much in popularity that Netflix is investing about $500 million in 2021 towards producing new Korean titles, according to ABC News.

With the popularity of Korean content continually rising, it's no surprise that another Korean series is now achieving major success on Netflix. Indeed, the horror and fantasy series, "Hellbound," is making waves on the streaming service right now, and currently holds the number four spot on the platform's Top 10 list. 

Not only is the new series currently hitting it big on Netflix, but it's also causing quite a stir on Reddit, where "Hellbound" fans are sharing their hatred for one of the show's most divisive characters.

Fans hate Hellbound's Arrowhead streamer

"Hellbound" takes place on a version of Earth where demonic-looking creatures have come to the planet to condemn certain individuals to Hell. In response, society adopts a newfound notion of divine justice while the world sees the rise of a cult-like religious group called the New Truth Society. In case that wasn't bad enough, an even more radical faction forms out of the New Truth's most devoted followers called Arrowhead, with its members making it their mission is to punish those that go against the divine will of the supernatural creatures.

Throughout the show, an Arrowhead member (Kim Do-yoon) dons neon glow-in-the-dark makeup and starts live broadcasting in order to further shun the New Group Society's opposers and often makes disturbing calls for violence. Unsurprisingly, the streamer's irritating antics make him one of the worst characters in "Hellbound" for many fans of the show.

Expressing their frustration with the character, Redditor u/v3r00n wrote, "I made it through 2 episodes but that Arrowhead streamer guy is just so annoying that I couldn't bear it anymore." u/labularia_ echoed their fellow user's sentiment, writing, "Gaaah. I can only have half-episode doses of this or I'm gonna lose all of my hair because of the Arrowhead streamer dude. He is verrrry [sic] obnoxious." u/TheRunawayDinosaur seemed to be similarly annoyed by the character's inclusion in the show, noting, "That twitch streamer scene was annoying and went on too long."

Unfortunately, fans will have to trudge through the character's scenes because it turns out that the Arrowhead streamer ultimately plays a large role in the "Hellbound" finale.