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The Weirdest Scene From Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 4 According To Fans

Contains mild spoilers for "Yellowstone" Season 4, Episode 4

As much as the Dutton family would probably like to kick back and enjoy life for a minute, drama comes at the ranch a mile a minute on the Paramount series. After the attempt on several family members' lives in the Season 3 finale, the clan has been hard at work tracking down whatever leads are out there to uncover their wannabe assailants. It's already led to a ton of blood and death, and we're only four episodes into the latest season.

While there's been plenty to capture fans' attention spans, not every moment can contain a violent bloodbath. Some scenes have to be quieter, but that isn't stopping some fans from overanalyzing every single moment on "Yellowstone." One moment that exists sans guns in the latest episode involves Monica (Kelsey Asbille) giving her son, Tate (Brecken Merrill), a bath despite the fact he's a little old to have adult supervision in the tub. It's stirred up quite a conversation on social media with viewers trying to make sense of why Tate still needs his mommy around to wash his hair.

The tub scene in Episode 4 was weird for fans

Tate is about nine years old in the series, so the fact his mother is still there to supervise bath time took some audience members off-guard. In a Reddit thread discussing the most recent episode, u/CD_4M wrote, "Monica is so f***ing weird. 'It's the only way he still lets me do it, soon he won't let me at all'. Ahh, yes, at some point mothers should stop bathing their sons. How does she think that's a bad thing? Let the kid shower himself off." It wasn't a lone thought, either, as plenty of other viewers believed something must be wrong with Monica for her to be so overbearing.

Others attempted to find some sort of justification for Monica's actions, with the common consensus being that she's overcompensating with protecting her kid to safeguard him from the dangers of the outside world. As u/KatCurb23 wrote, "She needs therapy just as much as Tate. She's trying to cope with over-parenting Tate." To be perfectly honest, pretty much every character on "Yellowstone" could probably benefit from a little therapy after what they've been through in Season 3, but until that time comes, Monica will have to make do with overseeing her son's bathtime.