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New Video Points Out Everything Wrong With Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

A new video will make you seriously question why Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides isn't actually titled Pirates of the Caribbean: The Fountain of Youth. The video, posted on the YouTube page CinemaSins, points out everything that's wrong with the fourth film in the franchise, from unhidden electrical outlets to Penelope Cruz's very confusing plan to the cut, cut, cuts in the action scenes. 

On Stranger Tides is probably your least favorite film in the Pirates franchise, and with good reason. The film stepped away from the Will Turner and Elizabeth Swan-ness of the first three movies, resulting in a disjointed storyline that earned the movie the lowest Rotten Tomatoes score of the whole franchise at 32 percent. (Unfortunately, Dead Men Tell No Tales, due out Friday, isn't doing so hot either, falling at 35 percent– but hey, at least there don't appear to be any mermaids in that one.) The new video delves deeper into the ill-received film and looks at all of the mistakes and plot holes that filmmakers left, poking a lot of holes in an already not so great movie.

Among the video's best realizations? Every single rope in the entire Pirates franchise is perfectly positioned and weighted so that people can swing from it without it falling. Everything from mermaid anatomy to trident carving is toned down so that the movie can hit its PG-13 rating. Ponce de Leon is clearly a huge fan of Zork, considering the quests he makes up are absolutely ridiculous. Oh, and, most importantly, this movie is basically a rip off of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

The video counts a total of 147 mistakes in the film, most heinously the fact that we never got to see Penelope Cruz's Jack Sparrow impression. On Stranger Tides isn't the only Pirates film riddled with questionable plot points, though; here are some other mistakes that are hard to ignore in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.