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The Creepy Scene That Has American Pickers Fans Looking Twice

If you want to live the same lifestyle depicted on "American Pickers," you best have the stomach for it. As Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz can attest, sometimes you have to go into some decrepit places to find a massive score. From abandoned buildings to old attics that look like no one has stepped foot in them in centuries, the guys have seen everything, and it appears as though they've even stumbled upon a ghost or two.

In a Season 14 episode, Wolfe gets information that the pick he's about to embark on may have a spirit from another realm lurking about. Of course, they never actually find a ghost, but Wolfe is spooked throughout the remainder of the excursion. He even bails early because he gets too freaked out, much to the delight of Fritz.

It's all in good fun, but one eagle-eyed Redditor believes they've captured an honest-to-goodness apparition on a different episode. And they think they've got the video evidence to prove it.

Who are the pickers gonna call?

With brightened footage, Redditor u/bcronin21 provides a clip from a Season 22 episode of "American Pickers." Unedited, the clip merely shows a dark hallway, but the fan apparently made out some movement in the background. Adjusted slightly, you can see what's clearly a person walking down, and if the Redditor's to be believed, it's a spirit. 

Of course, the more logical explanation is that it's just someone who also utilizes the building. It could even be a member of the "American Pickers" crew just mulling about. Still, it's fun to believe the show managed to capture real-life evidence of the supernatural. u/bcronin21 remains adamant in their assertion it's a ghost, writing under some comments, "It's in an unused building and you can barely see the figure in the original episode. It's much clearer on the phone recording for some reason."

The claim appears to be that since it's barely visible in the first place, it's unlikely it would've been staged. But we're still skeptical. Still, it's a fun detail and shows how you never know what you're going to find on one of these picking expeditions.