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How Chimney Really Got His Nickname On 9-1-1

Ask any "9-1-1" fan who their favorite character is, and you're bound to get a plethora of responses.

Some love the dedication and perseverance exhibited by Athena Nash (Angela Bassett). There's also been the incredible character arc of Evan Buckley (Oliver Stark), who starts the show as a womanizer but gradually comes into his own looking for a serious relationship. Of course, it's hard to pick anyone over general, all-around nice guy Chimney (Kenneth Choi).

Chimney's a paramedic and firefighter who's been an integral part of the team since the beginning of the series. While he has his share of personal problems, he's fiercely loyal to his team, and he exudes positivity at every turn. It's always a pleasure to see more of him whenever he comes on screen, but there's one aspect of his being that still leaves fans confused — How exactly did he get the nickname "Chimney" in the first place?

The show has yet to provide an actual explanation beyond someone mentioning how it's a story not suitable for telling on television. That hasn't stopped fans from coming up with theories to find some kind of reasoning with the moniker.

How does a chimney factor into the character's backstory?

There are plenty of potential explanations for how Chimney got his nickname. Maybe he's just so jolly that he reminds people of Santa Claus. Perhaps he used to smoke so much before quitting. As is the case with any good TV mystery, fans have come up with plenty of their own fan theories to determine why Chimney is the best name for Kenneth Choi's character.

One Reddit thread dares to ask the question of how others believe he got his nickname. One user, u/PhoenixMartinez-Ride, wrote, "I'm thinking maybe he got stuck in a chimney one time and now they tease him about it." It would make sense, but it would also be a bit anticlimactic. There's also the matter of how in one episode, the nickname backstory is described as being not suitable for TV. Getting stuck in a chimney is pretty PG, so what could the real answer be?

Someone else chimes in with: "There have been a lot of incidents where idiots/crooks/pranksters have gotten stuck in chimneys and with chim being so small he would be most apt to get into tight spaces for rescues." Either one of these could be the true answer, but until the show decides to shine a light on the issue, they'll remain theories. It's clear fans are going crazy trying to unravel this riddle, so hopefully, the show offers some answers in the near future.