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The Surprising Blue Bloods Episode Sami Gayle Calls Her Favorite

For over 200 episodes, the Reagan family on "Blue Bloods" has kept the streets of New York safe. They've gone on numerous missions, each holding a special place within the city's law enforcement hierarchy. Of course, some days at work are more memorable than others, and specific episodes have earned soft spots in fans' hearts. 

Thanks to IMDb ratings, we know thanks to fans' input which episodes are generally received favorably. Far and away, the best episode, according to fans by these metrics, would be Season 10's "Family Secrets." As the episode title suggests, plenty of family drama comes out of the woodwork as it relates to Frank's deceased son having a secret child no one knew about until now. It's a fantastic story that delves into the Reagan family with who they are outside of their uniforms. 

The family makes the show, and the actors who portray the Reagans all have excellent choices on their favorite episodes throughout the historic run. A video published by CBS brings together the main actors and has them detail which storylines they enjoyed bringing to life the most. For Sami Gayle, who plays Nicky Reagan-Boyle, there's a Season 2 episode she holds dearly to her heart. 

Sami Gayle adores Season 2's The Life We Chose

The video shows the prominent cast members discussing what they like about each of their favorite episodes. As it turns out, Sami Gayle's favorite is important to her because of what it means in the grand scheme of her career. 

Her favorite is a Season 2 episode titled "The Life We Chose." The main throughline of the episode is that NYPD is putting together an undercover operation to trace a drug pipeline. After a couple of cops wind up dead, the entire police force sets out to get revenge. It's a pretty intense plotline, and while it's engaging on its own, there's something else happening in the background for why Gayle loves this tale so much. 

As the actress describes, "Pop and I got to participate together in a talent show where we sang 'I Don't Need Anything But You' from 'Annie.' And Len Cariou plays Pop is just one of the most talented, well-known, renowned Broadway actors." She goes on to discuss how she also got her start on Broadway, so it was a genuine pleasure to work alongside one of the all-time greats.

It's a sweet, tender moment among the carnage throughout the rest of the episode, and it's easy to see why it still stands out to the actress all these years later.