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The Keanu Reeves Movie Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The zodiac is ruled by the sun and various planets in its huge orbit. Since the internet happens to be ruled by everyone's boyfriend Keanu Reeves (or co-ruled, if you're a cat person), it makes sense that Keanu's diverse movie career would somehow correspond. It's a soft science, of course, but if planetary influences could shape a person from the moment they are born, it makes just as much sense that they could predict "Johnny Mnemonic" as your favorite Keanu film. 

In spite of astrology's sometimes contentious place in society, there are inherent traits that come with each sun sign, ones that give us specific insights into how a person will behave and grow. Whether you believe in sun signs or not, you most certainly believe in Keanu Reeves. So, from brash Aries to sensitive Pisces, here's a breakdown of the Keanu movie character you most closely resemble, based on the characteristics of your zodiac sign.

Aries: Jonathan Wick (John Wick)

Given enough motivation, time, and persistence, a single ram can and will demolish an entire structure on its own until nothing remains but rubble. Being the first sign in the zodiac, Aries is considered the youngest and most immature, descriptors that fit the brash, impulsive behavior of this fire sign. Aries act first and think later, and in many ways Aries is the patron sign of revenge since an Aries will hold a grudge until their last dying breath. Keanu Reeves' ultimate assassin, the titular boogeyman in the "John Wick" franchise, is a textbook Aries.

If you come for an Aries, you best have a well thought-out plan, because once you're in the spotlight of an Aries' rage, they won't stop until total annihilation has been achieved. In real life, this is all metaphorical; when it comes to John Wick, it's quite literal. Aries don't do well with quiet time alone (another reason not to provoke them), and find themselves in their natural element when surrounded by or creating chaos. But underneath all of this energy and nerve lives a most loyal friend and companion, one who will go to the ends of the Earth to protect and defend people they love — just as Wick continues to seek justice for his puppy.

Taurus: Jack Traven (Speed)

While Taurus may also be ruled by a large, horned animal in the bull, its personality presents itself in an entirely different way. A Taurus may be even more hard-headed than an Aries — with similar devastating effects — but a Taurus can also put a great deal more thought into its actions before charging full speed (pun intended) ahead. Case in point, Keanu's bold but thoughtful character Jack Traven in "Speed." As an Earth sign, the Taurus is grounded. They are meticulous planners, quick thinkers, and resourceful, as evidenced by Jack's on-his-feet problem solving during the entire collision course that is Jan de Bont's 1994 masterpiece.

From non-fatally shooting a hostage in the knee to have a clear shot at the villain, to jumping a train off its tracks to rescue every last hostage-passenger, Jack Traven embodies a Taurus, down to his physical and sensual personality, which also emerge amid the chaos. Taurus energy could be why Jack's story in "Speed" also ends in an unlikely romance. In classic Taurus style, we watch Jack bottle up his emotions until the very last minute, then scarily explode into a ball of screaming fury and physical violence before getting himself back under control.

Gemini: Neo/Thomas Anderson (The Matrix)

Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac, and symbolized by the twins, representing Gemini's duality and reputation as a sign of extremes. Also symbolized by the butterfly, Gemini is shaped by the process of metamorphosis, from caterpillar to cocoon to transformation, even though some Geminis might get stuck for an extended period in one transformative phase until they learn the lessons they need to move on. Geminis are searchers, never satisfied until they can find a balance between their intellect and emotions, which often ends up their life's work. 

Gemini are also known for wild mood swings that can border on entire personality shifts, making the dichotomy of Thomas Anderson and Neo in "The Matrix" the signature Keanu Reeves role for this sign. In this cyberpunk classic, Thomas Anderson quite literally goes from a chrysalis controlled by artificial intelligence into the real world, where he must integrate both the online and offline halves of himself, the only one in the real-world community who faces this challenge. A famous Gemini, similarly known for her double personas, was Marilyn Monroe/Norma Jeane Baker who — fun fact! —inspired the Woman in Red in the training program depicted in the original "Matrix." It makes sense, then, that Neo would be drawn to her, not necessarily because she's beautiful, but because he sees his own duality in her.

Cancer: Paul Sutton (A Walk In the Clouds)

Paul Sutton returns home to San Francisco after a traumatic experience on the front lines of World War II. He and his wife Betty (Debra Messing) had a shotgun wedding before he shipped off, but he made up for it by writing her love letters every day he was gone. When he finds out she's involved with another man and never even read the letters, Paul takes off with just his suitcase for his traveling chocolate salesman job, connecting with pregnant-and-unmarried Victoria Aragon (Aitana Sánchez-Gijón) on the way. Paul does Victoria a huge solid by pretending to be her new husband, so her conservative Mexican family won't banish her. 

Defined by the crab, Cancers bring their homes along with them, just as Paul does. This sign is defined by its romantic, empathetic, compassionate nature. Dependable and loving, Cancers are family and home-oriented, unafraid of commitment even when their all-in attitude might scare away those around them who aren't ready for forever after, making Paul a perfect example of this sign. Cancers have a keen intuition, making them the holy grail of partners, and an innate fear of scarcity makes Cancer an excellent provider and foundational partner in a relationship. In real life, love is messy business for Cancers, but in the case of Paul Sutton, his first heartbreak leads to that happily ever after for him, as well as Victoria and her entire family, in spite of the tragedies that befall them during the course of "A Walk in the Clouds."

Leo: Shane Falco (The Replacements)

Represented by the king of the forest, the lion, Leo is a commanding member of the zodiac pantheon. Marked by an undeniable charisma that draws people to them, both in the form of admirers and enemies, Leos can be natural born leaders with an innate ability to inspire others through love or fear, whichever brings them results. Leos are (sometimes calculatedly) loyal, generous, also demonstrating extreme fortitude and a high tolerance for both physical pain and emotional hardship. They are highly motivated, with specific ideas of success that they will not stop striving for until they achieve it, a hallmark of all the fire signs. 

A fallen Leo is always on the lookout for redemption, encapsulated perfectly in Keanu Reeves' Shane Falco, the underdog quarterback in the 2000 sports dramedy "The Replacements." With every setback Shane faces, he returns stronger, playing multiple roles as quarterback, confidante, and de facto leader as he tries to pull together the ragtag replacement players when the Washington Sentinels lead team goes on strike. For all their amazing leadership qualities, Leos can also have people-pleasing tendencies, leading them to deny their own needs for the benefit of others, evident in Shane playing even while seriously injured. Also, in classic Leo style, Shane is so successful that nobody even cares about the first string team by the time he's done, ranking the character among the greatest on-screen quarterbacks in movie history.

Virgo: Nelson Moss (Sweet November)

Although Virgo is represented by the virgin, this has nothing to do with sexuality and everything to do with the untouched, pristine conditions in which Virgos find their physical and emotional sanctuary. Methodical, analytical, and meticulous, Virgos weigh pros and cons constantly and require fixed plans, structure, and organization to attain an even keel. Sarcasm is almost a religion used to keep people at a distance. Where Aries fly by the seats of their pants, Virgos are the opposite, completely unable to be spontaneous. Things must be just so, which can lead Virgos toward hypochondriac and germophobic behaviors, all of which hide an innate vulnerability they don't want anyone to see. Virgos strive for concrete accomplishments and seek perfection in themselves and everyone around them, making them difficult partners until they realize love isn't a zero-sum game; love transcends analysis. 

In 2001's "Sweet November," Keanu Reeves plays an executive who loses his high-level job, his perfect apartment, and ideal girlfriend overnight. A chance encounter brings Sara Deever (Chalize Theron) into his orbit, a beautiful but weird woman who lives her life spontaneously, exactly the opposite of Nelson. He agrees to her wacky plan of him moving in with her for a month, and during the short time is forced to reckon with his fixed ways of thinking and being, finally easing up just in time to find out that Sara is dying of cancer. The film might have a sad ending, but for Nelson, a hopeful future of being able to love others for who they are feels like just beginning.

Libra: Jonathan Harker (Bram Stoker's Dracula)

In so many ways, Keanu Reeves' Jonathan Harker from the 1992 Francis Ford Coppola film "Bram Stoker's Dracula" is a quintessential Libra. He's the youngest clerk in his law office and has been tasked with traveling all the way from London to Transylvania to clean up the mess left by a senior partner, closing a huge real estate deal for the company. Represented by the scales, balance comes easy to Libras, along with being realistic, strategic thinkers, and innate mediators. Unlike his predecessor Renfield, whose had a mercurial nature, Harker takes great pride in his ability to remain impartial and professional, especially in tenuous situations, making him — at least on paper — an ideal candidate to deal with the enigmatic Count Dracula. 

Libra is a sign of partnerships, romantic and otherwise, making them excellent litigators and diplomats amid conflict. Just like Jonathan Harker, when it comes to romance Libras can be known to fall in love with the notion of falling in love, evident in Harker's overly rhapsodic love letters to Mina Murray (Winona Ryder), a woman he barely knows other than the qualifications provided by her station in life. Libras have a tendency to self-sacrifice in order to keep peace, even when their intuition knows something is off, and this downside ends up trapping Harker in Dracula's castle longer than he should have been. When it comes to the body, Libra rules the kidneys and blood, making Jonathan Harker a particularly apt representative for this sign.

Scorpio: Keanu Reeves (Always Be My Maybe)

Take all the good and bad out of any personality and multiply it exponentially, and that equals a Scorpio. With a reputation for being the most "extra" of the zodiac, Scorpios are passionate and extreme; there is very little (if any) middle ground with this often over-the-top persona. Represented by the scorpion, Scorpios are as fierce and beautiful as they can be metaphorically deadly. Competitive to a fault, Scorpios will do virtually anything to keep others from finding out their faults and insecurities, even if it means outright lying. 

Scorpios also tend to come with a marked lack of inhibitions; guilt is a foreign concept to them, since Scorpios don't vibe with shame or shaming behaviors at all. They have an overwhelming sexual magnetism that comes along with their physical charisma, and their intuitive nature underneath their elaborate facade makes them a treat to the chosen few they let inside their emotional walls. 

As a turbo-charged parody of himself in "Always Be My Maybe," the fictional version of Keanu Reeves is arrogant, scene-stealing, and inappropriate bordering on cruel, a far cry from the unassuming person Reeves supposedly is in real life. The Keanu in "Maybe" encapsulates Scorpio overindulgences, from how he eats to how he dresses, basking in his own limelight. Scorpios, and Keanu's alter ego in this film, perfectly demonstrate the beauty and power that comes with this zodiac sign, which is probably why everyone is secretly jealous of them and their no-holds-barred attitude.

Sagittarius: Johnny Utah (Point Break)

When it comes to football star-turned-rookie FBI agent Johnny Utah in "Point Break," Sagittarius represents the iconic Keanu Reeves movie perfectly. Ruled by the symbol of the archer, with arrow poised ready to strike, Sagittarius has the particular intuition of a hunter honing in on their target. 

It's is a philosophically-minded sign, with an ability to theorize based on very little evidence, as exemplified by how quickly Johnny Utah concretely identifies the elusive connection between the Dead Presidents bank robbery gang and a pod of surfers that have escaped his partner Angelo Pappas for years. Johnny is newly on the case and like any classic Sagittarius — thanks to their keen hunting instincts — manages to solve the enigmatic case before others (including his partner) realize how big the issue actually could become. 

The Sagittarius is straightforward, not mincing words, and its bluntness can often get it into trouble, another aspect of Johnny Utah's character that emerges time and again, both at the office and while undercover. Another aspect that helps a Sagittarius embody the spirit of the hunter is their friendliness and approachability, their gregariousness and charm winning a target over without ever letting them know they'd been in the crosshairs all along. How else would Johnny warm the heart of fiercely independent, badass surfer chick Tyler (Lori Petty)? She almost couldn't help herself. Unless trauma enters the picture, Sagittarius is one of the most even keel of all the signs, with an innate compass that keeps them emotionally secure and standing tall, amid even the most disastrous conflict.

Capricorn: Ted "Theodore" Logan (Bill and Ted Trilogy)

Represented by the hardy goat Capricorn — like the Aries ram — sets their minds to some something and will not stop until they get it. The difference is that Capricorns have a harder time figuring out what they want to begin with. Capricorns feel the need to cultivate a public image, sometimes by whatever means necessary, and they often struggle with acknowledging their own self-worth, especially when external forces out of their control work to pull them down. They have an anxiety about loss and failure — something that might have them defeat themselves before they've even begun — which is at odds with a great hardiness and determination. 

At first Ted "Theodore" Logan in "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure" seems more like a drifting tumbleweed than a single-minded goat, but the moment he receives an ultimatum from his father to pass history class or start packing for military school, Ted's inner fire sign finally gets lit. Ted goes into a different mode entirely once he realizes the crisis at hand, working every option he can think of to improve his future outcomes from "Excellent Adventure," "Bogus Journey," and all the way through 2020's "Bill and Ted Face the Music." Ted is chaotic for sure, but in his own way he is indeed organized, able to take on leadership roles especially when people he loves need help. He's also wildly resourceful, even traveling to hell and back to accomplish the duo's mission to find the song that unites the world — which is totally a Capricorn thing to do. 

Aquarius: John Constantine (Constantine)

The water bearer is a sacred role in religious practices around the world, since water represents cleansing, as well as vital sustenance for humans. As the patron symbol of Aquarius, the water bearer also represents a prophetic nature, one that is connected to both generational and collective unconsciousness. Aquarius is a "we" sign, cultivating wisdom for collective knowledge, not personal gain.

A hugely abstract thinker, an Aquarius often has its head in the clouds so high that they forget what it's like to have their feet on the ground. An Aquarius can even get so far inside their own minds that this can lead to antisocial behaviors, obstinacy, and a general contrariness that makes it difficult to be around them. This is someone who might accidentally self-isolate and after realizing, pretends to have consciously made that choice, much of which encapsulates the complicated personality of Keanu Reeves' surly spiritual warrior John Constantine in 2005's "Constantine."

While Constantine doesn't seem to like individual people, he is staunchly on Team Humanity, following in an Aquarius pattern as the sign of an activist who wants to make the world better. Also like an Aquarius, Constantine is tough to deal with on a personal level, due to his extreme lack of patience with others. Much like Constantine's journey in the film, Aquarius has a personal journey to find a balance between their own mind, thoughts, feelings and their physical body.

Pisces: Tod Higgins (Parenthood)

As the oldest and most mature sign of the Zodiac, in many ways Pisces are born caretakers and nurturers. Represented by the fish, Pisces have great empathy and intuition into the emotional lives of others. Taking care of them comes first, and often Pisces put themselves last on the list. Sensitive and quick to pick up on other peoples' vibrations, this can sometimes make it confusing for a Pisces to be fully aware of who they actually are, unless they have delineated, clear boundaries for themselves. A Pisces can make other people's problems their own sometimes without realizing, and part of this is because they draw others to them with their creative, artistic, kind, and romantic personality. 

A parenting sign, Pisces wants to take care of others even when they might be at a young age themself. Keanu Reeves' Tod Higgins in "Parenthood" has struck an almost perfect Pisces balance. Even before Tod and his girlfriend Julie (Martha Plimpton) have their own teenage pregnancy, Tod steps in to parent Julie's brother Garry (Joaquin Phoenix), who is struggling with abandonment issues from his father as well as raging hormones of burgeoning sexuality. Tod knows when to be silly (like shaving half of Julie's head, much to her mom's chagrin), engaging, and brings a calming energy to Julie's constant chaos, but he also knows exactly when to be honest, serious, and helpful. In short, Tod is a rare example of a coveted Pisces man, exemplified in real-life perfect man Keanu Reeves' performance.