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Brandon Routh Would 'Absolutely' Return To The Role Of Superman Again

Like many crossover projects that feature characters from many different franchises, the CW's "Crisis on Infinite Earths" crossover has many confusing moments. What's more, this particular Arrowverse project also brings in the concept of multiple realities, so apart from getting lots of characters, there are also some pretty curious versions of certain characters.

One of the most delightful and strange things about "Crisis on Infinite Earths" is the fact that Brandon Routh gets a second shot at playing Superman. Routh portrays the iconic superhero in Bryan Singer's 2006 movie "Superman Returns," which is a continuation of the classic "Superman" movies starring Christopher Reeve. The "Superman from Earth-96" version he embodies here, on the other hand, is based on the older, somewhat darker version of the character that was first seen in the acclaimed "Kingdom Come" comic book series by Mark Waid and Alex Ross. To make things even stranger, by the time he once again donned the iconic cape, Routh was already a part of the Arrowverse as Ray "The Atom" Palmer. 

Complicated as it all may have been, Routh's return to the role of Superman was certainly a welcome one — and the actor himself seems to have enjoyed it too, since he recently confirmed that he would "absolutely" revisit the role again.

Brandon Routh would love to revisit the role of Superman

In an interview with Comic Book, Brandon Routh has revealed that he would be extremely open to playing Superman again ... though, to be fair, he wouldn't jump to play just any version of the character. The Kingdom Come version, luckily, is definitely interesting to him — especially since this Superman is on the older side, so he's not going to age out of the role in a hurry.

"It's hard to say what the next few years will bring," Routh said. "But where I used to say, I didn't think I'd ever play Superman again, having been able to play him again in 'Crisis,' now I say, the sky's the limit. Who knows?"

It's a good thing that Routh is prepared to wait until the right opportunity comes along, too. After all, the Man of Steel is pretty well-represented in the media at the moment. 

"Right now, the truth is that we're flush with Superman stuff, with the success of 'Superman & Lois' — and Tyler [Hoechlin]'s doing an awesome job on that — and then there's a couple scripts and stuff going around for features, I think, in different iterations at Warner Bros," Routh described the situation. 

It's good to know that Routh still has interest in playing Superman, whether it'll happen in the next couple of years, or at some point later down the line.