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Channing Tatum Returns To The Big Screen In The New Trailer For Dog

If you really want to break the hearts of moviegoers, make the intelligent move and stick a dog in your film. Putting a furry character front and center in your movie will most certainly pull on the heartstrings. Think "Marley & Me," "Turner & Hooch," "A Dog's Purpose." That also looks to be the case with the upcoming movie "Dog," which sees Channing Tatum return from a career hiatus and make his directorial debut as co-director and lead actor.

Tatum is co-helming the United Artists Releasing project alongside producer-turned-director Reid Carolin. "Dog" is just the latest feature they've worked on together; their collaboration began with "Stop/Loss" back in 2008. Looking to join the ranks of those classic canine-centric heartwarmers, "Dog" sees Tatum play Briggs, an Army Ranger tasked with transporting a Belgian Malinois dog named Lulu to the funeral of her former owner. Hitting the open road in a pick-up truck and plenty of dog food to keep his passenger in line, the pair that starts at odds soon become man and man's best friend.

The Dog trailer confirms Channing Tatum's new movie is a good boy

Not including his hilarious cameo in the Ryan Reynolds-led "Free Guy," "Dog" will mark Channing Tatum's first onscreen film performance since "Kingsman: The Golden Circle" in 2017. It makes things even more interesting given that he's also spent time behind the camera on this new movie. Perhaps he'll get a real taste for directing going forward?

"Dog" looks to be a thoroughly charming movie, balancing comedy with drama in a way that might ask audiences to keep a few tissues close by. The trailer teases some fun sequences, like Briggs' (Tatum) first meeting with Lulu or their very eventful stay at a posh hotel. There are also some heartwarming turns, like the young soldier's discovery that his canine companion's like to give hugs. What's clear all around is that "Dog" appears to be a special pic worth checking out in cinemas.

This isn't the first time either Tatum or co-director Reid Carolin have looked into soldier's and dog pairings, as they both served as producers on the 2017 HBO documentary, "War Dog: A Soldier's Best Friend" (via IMDb). Directed by Deborah Scranton, the film focused on the bond between U.S. Special Ops soldiers paired with K9 units on the battlefield. Given Tatum and Carolin's already extensive experience with this subject matter, hopefully, that will transfer over smoothly in their new feature film in between what looks to be another commendable, comedic performance from Tatum.

We can see just what kind of new tricks this "Dog" has when the film arrives in cinemas in February 2022.