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The Flash Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

As one of the longest-running shows in the expansive Arrowverse, fans have seen plenty of exciting adventures on "The Flash." Over the years, Barry Allen has fought countless threats, probably saving the world 20 times each morning before we even finish our cup of coffee. 

Barry has met heroes, villains, gods, and monsters — along with plenty of everyday folk making their way in the oversized world of "The Flash." As we've watched Barry speed in and out of our lives, we've met and lost some favorite characters. With such a well-defined world, it's only natural to wonder who from Central City you might get along with in real life, or maybe even consider which character is most like you.

However, what about the characters who are most like you on an astrological level? Whether you believe in the power of the stars or not, sometimes it can be fun to delve into the zodiac — especially when you discover some surprising commonalities. So for those who enjoy a bit of mysticism sprinkled into their superheroes, we're here to help you out as we investigate who you might be on the "The Flash" based on your zodiac sign. 

Aries: Barry Allen/The Flash

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and those born under the ram are natural leaders. It's also the first of the fire signs, so naturally, it's going to be associated with the man who is lightning personified: Barry Allen, aka the Flash.

Folks from the other signs are naturally drawn to Aries because of their exuberance. It also helps that they're known as trailblazers rather than followers, and as the first speedster — at least on his original Earth — Barry's trail is one of the brightest out there. Just follow the brilliant bolts he leaves in his wake. Still, it can be tough to keep up with such boundless energy, and that's something virtually everyone in Barry's shadow will confirm. How do you keep pace with someone dubbed "The Fastest Man Alive"? However, that hasn't stopped him from earning the undying loyalty of heroes and friends. It's the reason most of the characters on the show are part of Team Flash.

An Aries always achieves what they set their mind to. Without that trait, Central City — along with the world at large — would have fallen countless times over the years. Though he may falter or stumble, Barry never gives up. When he decides he's going to win, he wins. That determination gives him what he needs to take down Reverse-Flash, Savitar, Godspeed, Grodd, Mirror Master, and anyone else who threatens Central City, his family, or the multiverse. 

Taurus: Iris West-Allen

The most steadfast of the earth signs, the Taurus is the rock of the zodiac. For the Flash, though, Iris West-Allen isn't just Barry's rock. She's his lightning rod. She keeps her husband grounded when the rest of the world around him is a raging storm trying to sweep him away.

Those born under the sign of the Taurus are natural leaders, a role Iris takes on every time she directs the field members of Team Flash from their headquarters. She even goes so far as to take over Barry's position as the team's leader when his battle with Savitar leaves him trapped in the Speed Force. But Iris' entire life doesn't revolve around superheroics, as she's also a respected journalist.

When Tauruses decide to do something, they put in the work to get it done. When Iris goes after a story, she gets it. It helps, of course, that she's stubborn — Taurus is represented by a bull for a reason. Barry can tell her to lie low and stay safe all he wants, but she's going to do what she has to. Stubbornness, though, can be an asset or a curse. In Iris' case, it's usually what gets her the story for The Central City Citizen. Other times, running off on her own gets her thrown into the Mirrorverse and replaced by an evil doppelgänger. But that's the risk a Taurus has to take. 

Gemini: Caitlin Snow/Frost

When it comes to "The Flash," there's only one character who could possibly be a Gemini: Caitlin Snow and Killer Frost. Actually, we guess that's two people. For years, however, they inhabited the same body and were two sides of the same coin. These days, Frost (she drops Killer when she decides to fight for the good guys) has her own body and her own life, but that makes the two even more perfectly embody the Gemini twins, Castor and Pollux.

Geminis are intellectuals. They're constantly curious and in search of new information. However, they're also adventurous, always seeking to gather new experiences and people into their lives. Caitlin and Frost fill both those roles. Caitlin leans more towards intellectualism, with her medical expertise saving Team Flash more times than we can count. On the other hand, Frost is still relatively new to life, and she's eager for novel experiences as she figures out who she wants to be.

Geminis can sometimes face a bad rap for being two-faced when in reality, they're some of the most loyal folks out there. Of course, Caitlin has been fighting for Team Flash from the first episode, but that loyalty runs just as strong in Frost. Her ice powers prove invaluable and she even gives up her own freedom during an Iron Heights jailbreak to bring escaped rogues back to prison.

Cancer: Nora West-Allen/XS

While Cancers often get a reputation for being crabby, they're some of the most nurturing folks out there. It comes naturally from drawing their strength from family and home. When you get down to it, that's exactly what Barry and Iris' speedster daughter from the future, Nora West-Allen, is trying to do when she travels back in time to be with them. Well, she actually travels back in time to be with her dad, the Flash, as he died fighting crime when she was too young to remember him. After his death, a fearful future-Iris hides Nora's speed powers from her for most of her life. Nora is so upset when she learns the truth that modern-Iris gets more than her share of the crabby side of Cancer. 

Cancers, though, inevitably forgive — even if they never forget. So in time, Nora lets Iris into her heart, and the time-traveling speedster finally gets the family she always craved. However, the problem is that by traveling back in time, Nora risks breaking space and time. Like many a Cancer, she makes an emotional decision. However, in their desire to attain the family they always dreamed of, Cancers sometimes choose less-than-perfect partners. In Nora's case, she chooses a partner in Eobard Thawne, the Reverse-Flash. He teaches her how to travel back in time, an act that gives her a family. Then it alters time, saves him from execution — and erases Nora from existence. 

Leo: Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash

Sorry, Leos. Identifying you with the Flash's greatest nemesis isn't meant to imply that you're villainous. However, if there's any character from "The Flash" who embodies that Leo energy, it's Reverse-Flash, Eobard Thawne. He's fiery, dramatic, and wants all eyes on him. He also happens to be a sociopath.

First off, there's his confidence. Leos have that in spades but take it to an extreme and you get Thawne, a man with zero humility. He considers himself the best at everything, whether that's being the smartest person in the room or the fastest speedster in existence. In fact, most of his rivalry with Barry boils down to a twisted obsession to prove himself better than his hated enemy. Weirdly enough, that obsession started as a form of love — an emotion few feel as fiercely as Leos. 

Hailing from a future in which the Flash is one of history's greatest heroes, Thawne idolizes Barry. Wanting to be just like his beloved hero, Thawne recreates the Flash's accident and becomes a heroic speedster himself. At least, that's the plan. Like many Leos, Thawne craves the spotlight. He wants to be loved and revered just like the Flash, but when he travels back in time and learns that he is destined to become the Flash's eternal nemesis, he snaps. Vowing to outdo Barry, Thawne instead becomes his opposite, the Reverse-Flash, and sets about destroying the man he once considered the greatest hero ever.

Virgo: Chester P. Runk

One of the kindest signs in the zodiac, the earthy Virgos are always ready to lend a hand to their friends. Though Chester P. Runk may not be a perfect fit for Virgo — as one of the newest members of Team Flash, he can be tough to get a handle on — he is darn close. From the moment he's awoken from his coma, Chester is ready and eager to help out Team Flash every step of the way.

After Cisco leaves, Chester becomes Team Flash's go-to tech guy, going all out and redecorating the workspace to reflect his personality. After all, if there's one thing Virgos love, it's organizing their outer worlds to reflect their inner ones. However, that attention to detail comes with a price because, like many Virgos, Chester is a bit of a perfectionist. He's especially hard on himself when he doesn't live up to his high ideals. 

Chester starts to come into his own on the team just as Cecile is possessed by the Medusa Mask. When the truth comes out and Chester realizes he played right into the possessed Cecile's hands, he goes down a shame spiral, blaming himself for not being good enough to have caught her deception. Naturally, though, once Iris gives him a pep talk, Chester saves everyone. This is because Virgos have a strong sense of duty which ensures that — doubts or not — they'll always do what they need to help others.

Libra: Wally West/Kid Flash

Libras are big fans of balance and harmony, which is why they're represented by scales. That may make Wally West seem like a bit of an odd fit at first, considering that he began his Kid Flash career as an angry, brash speedster. However, in more recent years, he's become a harmonious, balanced superhero. In fact, he's probably one of the speedsters most in tune with the Speed Force. He lives for a time in Tibet, learning meditation, Zen Buddhism, and even joining the Peace Corps while on a break from the superhero life.

You can't rush a Libra, as they weigh everything to make up their minds, and you can't rush Wally, speedster or not. The balance he's found within and without is what tipped him off to the Speed Force's impending death long before anyone else. And even when he's unavailable to help Barry during the Godspeed War because he's deep in meditation, his friends know that he'll join the battle when it's time. 

Libras, of course, have easy smiles and a natural charm, but don't forget that they're born fighters. Wally's never struggled to win over those around him, whether his long-lost family, the Wests, Team Flash, or the Legends on "DC's Legends of Tomorrow." But the simple fact is, he isn't an essential member of those groups because of his dimples. Wally earns his place because he knows how to get the job done.

Scorpio: Allegra Garcia

Scorpios are the strident individuals of the zodiac calendar, which is why Allegra Garcia is a perfect fit for this sign. One of Team Flash's newer members, Allegra comes from a family of criminals, and though she spends her youth in and out of juvie, Allegra eventually realizes she wants out. Her newfound electromagnetic manipulation powers give her the chance to become her own woman and break out of her family's shadow.

Of course, their signature individuality can make Scorpios tough to get to know. For instance, Allegra initially can't stand Nash Wells because when he looks at her, Nash sees his adopted daughter, Maya. This might make sense, considering that Allegra is this Earth's version of her, but the young Metahuman is not Maya and doesn't appreciate being seen as a stand-in for Nash's lost daughter. It takes time and communication before she warms to this explorer from another universe — only to be heartbroken when he sacrifices himself to create an artificial Speed Force. 

All of that is to say that while Scorpios blaze their own trail, once you're a part of their life, they'll fight for you until the day they die. Allegra is a fighter whose electromagnetic powers give her one hell of a sting. Once she cares about someone, she protects them with every fiber of her being — whether she's trying to stop Nash from giving up his life or fighting to save her cousin, Esperanza, from a life of crime.

Sagittarius: Cisco Ramon/Vibe

Sagittarians are outgoing, friendly, and always making folks laugh. Those born under this air sign are also incredibly intelligent and eager to learn. As Team Flash's resident tech guy for years, Cisco is likely one of the most intelligent people on the planet. He's always quick with a joke and often takes enormous pleasure in giving the Flash's rogues the most entertaining names he can come up with. After all, what serious person would name a bad guy Rainbow Raider?

That's not to say that Cisco, nor any Sagittarius, is incapable of being earnest or profound. They are, after all, truth-seekers, constantly probing the inner workings of their minds. This search for knowledge can lead them to be wanderers, and a Sagittarian can become restless if stuck in one situation for too long. If that describes anyone on Team Flash, it would be Cisco, as he often struggles to figure himself out.

Though he first embraces his Vibe powers, Cisco eventually decides the Metahuman life isn't for him and voluntarily takes the Metahuman cure. He then wonders if maybe his Vibe powers would still be helpful, so he builds a suit to artificially return them. However, even that still isn't enough and Cisco ultimately realizes that it is time to move on from Team Flash. He needs something more, so he moves away to join A.R.G.U.S. as their Director of Technology and Science.

Capricorn: Joe West

Capricorns are the hard workers of the zodiac signs, never afraid to roll up their sleeves to get the job done. They're providers and protectors, which is exactly what Joe West is doing even before Barry became the Flash. He first raises Iris on his own, then takes Barry in and raises him as a son after the poor kid's mom is murdered and his dad is sent to prison.

When Barry becomes the Flash and embarks on a life of fighting crime with an entire team behind him, Joe becomes the father figure for the whole group. It's the perfect environment to put his Capricorn patience and wisdom to use as he guides the younger folks through world-shattering life challenges, both literally or figuratively.

On top of that, Capricorns are a dependable bunch who thrive rather than chafe under rules and procedures. That doesn't mean they aren't willing to bend the rules to get the job done, but by and large, they work best when operating within some kind of framework. However, it's not necessarily the rule of law that provides Joe with his well-defined set of values — rather, it's his own moral compass. He even quits the police force for a time, warning Sergeant Kristen Kramer that even though she's working by the book, her vendetta against Metahumans isn't justice, and it isn't police work — it's just revenge. And that's not what being a cop is about.

Aquarius: Harrison Wells

Aquarius is a unique sign that encompasses many remarkable people. They tend to be amazingly individualistic visionaries, fascinated by technology and fond of tinkering with inventions. Though they certainly share some common traits, no two Aquarians are quite alike, and that's pretty much how Harrison Wells works — or maybe we should say that's how the Wellses work.

Thanks to the almost unending variation of the multiverse, not to mention an impersonation or two and some timeline manipulation, a different version of Harrison Wells joins Team Flash almost every season. Those born under Aquarius are deep thinkers, which is something that can be said of every single version of Harrison. They're all fairly eccentric individuals, but they're also brilliant scientists, inventors, detectives, and philosophers. There's a reason Harry Wells and Cisco turned to some of the multiverse's most talented versions, whom Vibe nicknamed the Council of Wells, for help with some of the Flash's biggest problems.

Of course, after the collapse and rebirth of the multiverse, all these different versions disappear as they merge into a single Timeless Wells. Though he no longer sticks around as a full-time member of Team Flash, this Wells is a unique individual who has all his previous versions' memories and feelings. He has, in essence, become a symbol of Aquarius all on his own, with all the sign's brilliant multitudes contained within him.

Pisces: Cecile Horton

Pisceans are the most empathetic of the 12 signs, which makes Cecile Horton the perfect fit for this water sign. The Metahuman attorney is intuitive and warm, and empathy is actually her superpower as she can telepathically sense and feel another person's emotions.

Cecile's powers grow enough over the years that she can now read minds and project her own feelings onto others, but the core of her powers will always be emotional empathy. Such understanding is part of what makes Pisceans amazing people to turn to for advice, and that's something Cecile has been happy to offer as she becomes a mother figure to Team Flash.

Sometimes those born under the sign of Pisces can struggle with feeling helplessness or worry that they may not have the strength of the other symbols. However, Cecile has proven that this isn't always the case. Her powers of empathy save the team in ways no costumed superhero ever could, especially in Season 7 when she truly comes into her own. Cecile overcomes her fear and uses the Thinker's chair to fight off Psych when no one else can, and faces down her demons to win back control of her body when the Medusa Mask possesses her. As her friends assure her, she isn't just family. She's a full-fledged member of Team Flash.