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The Blue Bloods Storyline That's Shocking Fans From Season 12 Episode 6

With plenty of beloved police procedural dramas on the air, "Blue Bloods" stands out by focusing on the dynamics of one family, the Reagans, and their work in various areas of law enforcement. Led by patriarch Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck), the family navigates working in similar professions while dealing with interpersonal conflicts.

The popular CBS series has been on since 2010, with new episodes debuting on the network before streaming weekly on Paramount+. The November 12 episode of Season 12, titled "Be Smart or Be Dead" (via IMDb), opens with Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) mourning his late wife at the cemetery as an anxious woman sneaks up behind him with a gun. The Reagan family and their colleagues must protect Danny from what turns out to be a retaliation plot by a local gang while they're working through a complicated ongoing case. 

However, this plan goes awry, creating a tense episode that left fans on the edge of their seats. As a result, there is one particular "Be Smart or Be Dead" storyline that has shocked "Blue Bloods" fans.

Blue Bloods fans feared for Danny's life

"Blue Bloods" fans took to Twitter to express how shocked they were that a hit was put on Danny Reagan in the first place. While the Reagan family has been repeatedly targeted by suspects throughout their careers, seeing how vulnerable Danny was in the opening scene shook fans.

"Who the hell is trying to put a hit out on Danny???!!! Nope, we can't be having that!!!" tweeted @islandiva147. Donnie Wahlberg replied to this tweet with hearts and a shrugging Memoji (via Twitter), encouraging fans to speculate about his character's fate. In a similar vein, @itsmisswendy79 posted, "Ummmm nobody puts a hit out on our @DonnieWahlberg I mean Danny," adding several angry emojis. Fellow "Blue Bloods" fan @LauraGNKOTB stated it was "awful" to even imagine their favorite character's life on the line.

Fortunately for fans, Danny survives Episode 6 with the help of his younger brother, Jamie (Will Estes), and, ironically, the woman who is meant to kill him. Wahlberg replied to relieved fans saying, "Glad she didn't do it!" with more heart emojis.