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Watch The Opening Credits For Showtime's Twin Peaks Reboot

If you missed the two-part first episode of the new Twin Peaks, maybe the updated opening sequence will convince you to stream the four episodes Showtime has made available. 

The credits sequence should definitely be familiar to anyone who watched the original run of David Lynch's cult classic show. Like the opening of the CBS series that ran from 1990 to 1991, the new intro features the same creepy theme music by Angelo Badalamenti, and the same sort of slow-moving, atmospheric landscape shots. But where the original sequence featured a few static shots, the reboot's includes some epic overhead views of the waterfall and a stylish transition into the curtains of the Red Room. 

For those who didn't watch the premiere yet, the Red Room plays a significant part in connecting the original series with the reboot. 

You can watch episodes 3 and 4 through Showtime's Anytime app, Showtime on Demand, and Showtime.com. Meanwhile, check out the untold truth of Twin Peaks.