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This Is The Most Powerful Monster In Goblin Slayer

When anime fans first see the name "Goblin Slayer," the title of the dark isekai anime immediately invokes a comparison to the enormously popular "Demon Slayer," but the two shows couldn't be more different. "Goblin Slayer" had an extremely controversial launch back in 2018. Initially mislabeled as a PG show on Crunchyroll, the show's graphic violence and grotesque portrayal of sexual assault caused immediate backlash from audiences which Crunchyroll later addressed on Twitter. With this in mind, it's understandable why some fans may not have stuck with the anime's first season.

Those who stuck around were treated to the first part of an epic adventure with a massive scale, filled with a complex cast of characters, and telling a compelling story. The series follows the titular Goblin Slayer as he travels throughout the land, destroying goblins with the help of a teenage priestess accompanying him. Sound familiar? Ok, so maybe the anime does bear some similarities to "Demon Slayer." In fact, one of the more prominent similarities is the power hierarchy of demons and goblins as each respective anime progresses through its story.

The menacing Demon Lord is the most powerful monster

Though the "Goblin Slayer" series starts with the massacre of regular, run-of-the-mill goblins, the show introduces new, more powerful goblins as the anime's story continues. Over the course of the first season, viewers are introduced to hobgoblins, goblin champions, ogres, and even a goblin paladin at one point. Despite this variety of powerful characters arriving on the "Goblin Slayer" scene, there is one monster in the series that stands above all others.

In addition to the various types of goblins, "Goblin Slayer" has demons as well. TheseĀ demons possess powerful magical abilities that even goblins can't master. While they're not the primary antagonists of the story, they operate in the shadows and manipulate the world around them. One of these demons is the Demon Lord, who also happens to be the most powerful monster in all of "Goblin Slayer." The Demon Lord is the ruler of all demons and leads an army of these creatures in a campaign to terrorize all other races (via the "Goblin Slayer" Fandom page). The Demon Lord's secretive nature means his full power has not yet been revealed, but it's clear he's the most powerful antagonist the series has introduced thus far.

Only the Hero, the strongest warrior in the land, is powerful enough to defeat the Demon Lord. At the time the anime takes place, the realm's current Hero does indeed defeat the Demon Lord and his army. If and when the Demon Lord returns, maybe we'll be able to see his full power on display, but it's clear he's the most powerful monster the series has to offer.