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Joivan Wade Weighs In On The Weirdest Part Of Doom Patrol Season 3 - Exclusive

"Doom Patrol" is a weird show. There's a robot man, a lady who turns into a pile of goo sometimes, another robot man, a dude with a space creature inside him, and that's all before you get to the giant candle monster that lives inside a little girl who is essentially immortal.

However, even "Doom Patrol" has found new and weird depths in its third season. We saw a dead man's head communicate through a speaker inside his mouth, the team turned into zombies at one point, and then they had to hang out with physical representations of their own worst memories. There was time travel, and there was dancing to Lady Gaga, but none of that represents the weirdest the show had to offer this year.

So, what's the weirdest part of "Doom Patrol's recently completed third season? One of the only people who can answer that question definitively and officially would be a member of the Doom Patrol themselves. Looper sat down with Cyborg actor Joivan Wade to answer for once and for all: What's peak weird for "Doom Patrol" so far?

The Doom Patrol zombies faced off against a very different sort of monster

"Undead Patrol," the episode where the Doomies became zombies, might just be Joivan Wade's favorite episode of the season. "I loved the zombie episode," says Wade. "It wasn't just being a zombie. It was the fact that I am Vic and Cyborg, and on top of that, layering that with being the Cyborg Vic version of a zombie. And we all had our own different zombies. We even had a conversation before we went to set. We're just like, okay, all of our zombies are going to be like us and be slightly different."

While the team was shambling around as zombies, they went toe-to-toe with an old nemesis — the were-butts. Yes, "Doom Patrol" has a creature that's essentially a werewolf, but, instead of a wolf, the person transforms into a monstrous butt creature. Of all the many strange occurrences throughout Season 3, Wade thinks the return of these now-iconic creatures is the weirdest.

"It has to be the butts," says Wade. "The butts was the wackiest. Also, it was great to be able to band together and fight the butts. That was a real kind of "Doom Patrol" superhero team moment that brought us together and fighting these weird and wacky things. It just made me feel like, more of this, please, more of us banded together and actually fighting some ... I was going to say, it's fighting crime because that's the usual, but no, fighting butts, fighting whatever the hell it's going to be. There wasn't anything more wacky or wild than that. That was the wackiest part."

All three seasons of "Doom Patrol" are now streaming on HBO Max.