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Han Solo Set Video May Capture Podcar Race

The upcoming Star Wars anthology movie that takes a look back at Han Solo's younger years isn't scheduled to arrive in theaters until next May, so you know it'll be quite some time before we get an official glimpse of the action—or even any real official word regarding what our hero (played by franchise newcomer Alden Ehrenreich) will be up to during the film. But not even Disney's best efforts can keep eagle-eyed onlookers from filming set video, and the latest clip from the production appears to show young Solo in the midst of a good old-fashioned podrace.

The Making Star Wars fansite has posted a brief snippet of footage from the set, and although it isn't terribly detailed—these folks were filming from the other side of a fence erected far from the action—there's enough to suggest what looks like a bit of a racing scene, complete with smoke. Set spies also spent time snooping by talking to locals near the set, located at Fawley Power Station in the U.K., and came away with a few crumbs of advance information. "Finally made it out to Fawley," writes one tipster. "Nothing shaking but just spoke to a lady walking her dog...she saw some sort of battle filming plus they were filming some sort of 'drag race' with 'odd looking vehicles.'"

"Nothing shaking" indeed, but it'll have to suffice until Disney starts offering up actual teasers and trailers—or even an official title for the film. In the meantime, here are some of our best guesses regarding what you can expect to see in the movie.