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The Color Theory That Could Change The Way You Watch Squid Game

Netflix's "Squid Game" is a show that doesn't overexplain things, and isn't afraid to throw in strange symbolism like, say, giving main character Gi-hun (Lee Jung-jae) a bright red granny haircut midway through the final episode. As such, people have been keen to analyze the many easter eggs of the super-popular show

The highly stylized nature of "Squid Game" means that there's plenty for fans to dig into, too. From the symbols on the workers' masks to fan theories that would completely change the "Squid Game" competition, the show's cryptic plot and jaw-dropping visual design are gifts that keep on giving.

Now, one fan has figured out a way to factor the show's eye-catching colors into the theory fray, as well. Read on to find out more about the color theory that could change the way you watch "Squid Game."


The colors and their meanings might go deeper than you think

The theory about the colors in "Squid Game" comes courtesy of Reddit user u/ModestyGideon, who attests that pretty much every main element of "Squid Game" is more color-coded than you think. Green, of course, refers to the players and their jumpsuits, and the workers in the game are clad in magenta clothes, which the redditor theorizes is a code for "system." However, ModestyGideon goes a bit further than that, pointing out that non-playing people are color-coded cyan, while the giant piggy bank used to store the prize money is yellow. 

Now, here's where things get interesting. "When Cyan (person) pursues Yellow (money), it becomes Green (player)," the redditor writes, and continues: "When Cyan (person) pursues Magenta (system), they become Blue (part of the system)," referring to the ultimately useless police force in the show. "When Magenta (system) pursues Yellow (money), they become Red (blood)," the theory continues, referring to the ill-fated organ trade side hustle some magenta workers have in the show. According to this theory, even the black-clad Front Man (Lee Byung-hun) fits the theme, as he's a former player who won the prize, and now controls the game. Thus, he contains all the main colors, which makes his color code black (per Tomo Studio). 

This theory, while by no means confirmed, is certainly intriguing. Given that everything about "Squid Game" and its visuals seems to be pretty meticulously planned, it's entirely possible that the redditor who came up with this idea might have hit the nail on the head.