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The Criminal Minds Character Pisces Relate To The Most

Birthdays! Everybody's got one, and according to mystics and clairvoyants through the ages, they can have a huge impact on your life. According to Time, the zodiac we know today was first developed in ancient Greece and built upon work done by the Babylonians. Our modern fascination with horoscopes dates back to the work of R.H. Naylor, according to the Smithsonian. Naylor did the birth chart of Princess Margaret of England and predicted that big things would happen in the royal family in her seventh year. That was the year King Edward abdicated the throne, which set Naylor's rep in stone.

In the 21st century, zodiac signs have taken on renewed importance. Studies show that people turn to the occult in times of crisis, as well as rewatching favorite TV shows. Is it any wonder, then, that people have mapped the star signs onto their favorite shows? The Instagram account Criminal Signs has divided everything "Criminal Minds" into its star sign: unsubs, Reid quotes, favorite episodes. And yes, members of the BAU. And Pisces should be excited about who is representing their star sign.

Penelope Garcia is the emotional center of the show

Multiple "Criminal Minds"/astrology fans agree: Penelope Garcia is the quintessential Pisces. Criminal Signs says that Garcia is a Pisces because she is unique, gentle, compassionate, and anxious. Pisces are often stereotyped as being slaves to their emotions, good or bad. Garcia held onto a lot of grief and rage over her parents' death at the hands of a drunk driver. But in the Season 13 episode "All You Can Eat," she let go of those negative emotions and let the compassion flow in.

Like many Pisces, Garcia believes in fate. In the Season 3 episode "Penelope," Garcia says that she needs to believe that everything happens for a reason. "...if I lose faith in that, then nothing in my life makes sense," she told Derek Morgan. The astrology app Co—Star says that a Pisces "thinks everything is a sign."

A Pisces can often be the heart of a group, as Garcia displays in the series finale "And in the End." She thanked the BAU for reminding her that there is heroism and kindness in the world, no matter how cruel it can seem. She basically gave the thesis statement for the show — in an emotional, intuitive, Piscean way.