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Eternals' Lauren Ridloff Responds To The Makkari Vs. The Flash Debate

Pretty much the entire reason why you watch superhero movies is so that you can debate which heroes would defeat each other in hypothetical battles. It's why movies like "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice" exist. When Marvel released its latest Phase 4 movie, "The Eternals," it introduced a whole new batch of heroes with larger-than-life superpowers for fans to argue over.

Take Makkari (Lauren Ridloff). She's a member of the Eternals, the race of demigods who have been living incognito on Earth for millennia. Since 1521 CE, she's been living underground in Iraq and collecting human artifacts, but she's best known for her blazing speed (via Marvel Cinematic Universe). 

Naturally, any character whose calling card is blinding quickness is going to invite comparisons to another ultra-fast superhero, The Flash. If you were wondering how Makkari's wheels stack up against the fastest man in the DC canon, you're not alone. Fortunately, none other than the actress who plays Makkari, Lauren Ridloff, has weighed in with her opinion.

Would Makkari beat The Flash in a race? Lauren Ridloff thinks so

Ridloff was asked which superhero is faster in an interview with CineXpress (via YouTube). "Okay, so this is a conversation I had with my son," Ridloff said. "When he first found out that I was going to be the fastest woman in the universe he said, 'No you're not.' He brought over his laptop and looked into the computer and said, 'Look! It's true! Flash is faster than Makkari.' But I'm sure [it's] Makkari ... because she travels faster than the speed of sound."

More specifically, (puts on nerd glasses), Makkari is capable of traveling at up to Mach 3, which is three times faster than the speed of sound, according to Marvel.com.

So, does that make her faster than the Scarlet Speedster? It depends on which version of The Flash you're talking about. The Barry Allen Flash from the Arrowverse is capable of topping out at Mach 3.3, making him a bit faster than the fastest Eternal (via The Take). With apologies to Ridloff, it appears her son has a point.

Until we get a Marvel-DC crossover movie, this debate's going to remain hypothetical.