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The Hilarious Props Kumail Nanjiani Took From The Eternals Set

Marvel's "Eternals" has a pretty sprawling cast of characters, and some of them are played by A-listers who have been in numerous tentpole movies. In a delicious twist of casting, however, by far the biggest in-universe star of the titular group is played by Kumail Nanjiani, who before his arrival in the Marvel Cinematic Universe was arguably best known for his role as Dinesh in "Silicon Valley." 

Nanjiani's Kingo is an Eternal, but also a legitimate, long-serving Bollywood superstar. As such, the movie includes a number of Kingo-centric celebrity mementos ... and it just so happens that some of said mementos eventually made their way to Nanjiani's house. Now, it's not exactly unheard of for actors to take home props from movie sets, even though the things they swipe tend to be studio property. However, Nanjiani never actually stole the stuff from the set. The story of these props ending up in his possession is far more heartwarming than that. Let's take a look at the hilarious props Kumail Nanjiani took from the Eternals set.

Kingo's fake movie posters found a loving home

As anyone who has seen "Eternals" knows, Kingo used his non-superheroing years to become a massive name in Bollywood, and he has the movie industry CV to match. "Eternals" doesn't shy away from depicting his star status, either. They even made a number of fake Bollywood movie posters starring Kingo, which communicates to the viewer that the Eternal has been in this for a very long time, and is a very big name. 

According to Nanjiani's wife, writer and producer Emily V. Gordon, the actor's representatives made sure that the posters found a new home after the production of the film was done, and Nanjiani was delighted to receive them. "Kumail's reps procured these from the set of #eternals and it's maybe the best gift he's ever gotten," she tweeted in response to Nanjiani's own post about the glorious posters. 

In all fairness, it's easy to understand why Nanjiani loves the posters so much. After all, if there were a number of cool, fake Bollywood posters with your face on them, chances are you'd also want them to grace your walls.