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Zootopia's Story Will Continue In An Original Series For Disney+

It has been five years since audiences were introduced to the world of "Zootopia." Ginnifer Goodwin and Jason Bateman voiced the crime-solving duo of Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde in a world populated densely with anthropomorphic animals. The film was essentially a buddy cop movie with rookie police officer Judy teaming up with con artist Nick to solve missing mammal cases. The film was a critical success with a 98% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

The great reviews were mainly in part due to the social message of the film. "Zootopia" tackled important topics such as prejudice, xenophobia, and other issues only adults would notice as Judy and Nick attempt to uncover a conspiracy. In a review for Rolling Stone at the time of its release, Peter Travers called the film subversive and had "a tough take on racism." Fans should be delighted to see that the film will be continued, though not in movie form. Disney+ has given fans more information on their upcoming spinoff, which is simply titled "Zootopia+." On Disney+ Day, the streamer shared some news regarding what to expect from the new series.

Zootopia+ will be a short-form series

Coming in 2022, "Zootopia+" will be a short-form series that features some of our favorite characters from the film. Thanks to the shared promo art, it looks like Office Clawhauser, Bonnie and Stu Hopps, Chief Bogo, Fru-Fru, Flash, and Duke Weaslton will all be back for this second go-round. There is not much news about the series other than the small character posters, but it appears everyone will get their own short episode. There is no information if Ginnifer Goodwin or Jason Bateman will return to the roles that they originated. If any of the original voice actors from the film are returning, remains to be seen as well.

There is currently no specific release date either, as Disney+ only mentioned that it would be out next year. Fans will have to wait as news becomes available. "Zootopia" is not the only property to get new life, however. "Big Hero 6" is also being resurrected in a series titled "Baymax!"