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The Disney+ Big Hero 6 Spin-Off Baymax! Trailer Promises An Educational Experience

The big, bouncy, and bionic Baymax is back with his own series on Disney+! Originally making his debut in Marvel's "Big Hero 6" comics, Baymax rose to a new level of popularity with Disney's animated movie named after the graphic novels. The film — which is currently the 27th highest-grossing animated movie of all time (via The Numbers) — reimagined the typically tough-looking Baymax as a soft, pillowy medical robot with a couple of hero-worthy combat upgrades. Now, he's being repurposed again for "Baymax!" on Disney+, which sees the machine step back into his original role as a health care bot.

Fans have known about "Baymax!" for some time. Disney originally announced the series during its annual Disney Investor Day in 2020 (via Deadline). Until recently, however, the company has released no new information about the upcoming show. That is, until the company held its first Disney+ Day on November 12. Presenting a newly released trailer, Disney promises an educational experience with "Baymax!"

Baymax! Is just as oblivious as ever in his own show

They say that laughter is the best medicine. If that's the case, then "Baymax!" is certainly aiming to fulfill your healthcare needs. A lot of the humor in "Big Hero 6" is derived from Baymax's one-track mind. He doesn't necessarily care about speed or social graces — he's just there to heal people. This results in some pretty chaotic situations when people try to get him to do anything other than putting a band-aid on a scrape.

If Disney's new trailer is any indication, then there's nothing but chaos in store for the people of San Fransokyo. Rather than hero-ing it up with his team, we see Baymax helping old ladies and running the cafe after Aunt Cass (Maya Rudolph) twists her ankle. However, these mundane situations become something infinitely more complex when the oblivious Baymax takes control. "Baymax!" promises this and more when it releases in Summer 2022.