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Where Is Ardeth Bay From The Mummy Now?

The handsome Ardeth Bay made quite an impression during the three-volume Brendan Fraser-led "Mummy" movie series. A capable friend to both Rick O'Connell (Fraser) and Rick's eventual wife, Evelyn "Evy" Carnahan (Rachel Weisz), Ardeth —the chief of the Medjai — works with them to prevent Imhotep (Arnold Vosloo) from resurrecting his lover, Anck-Su-Namun (Patricia Velásquez). In the 1999 film, Imhotep plans on reaching his nefarious goal by killing off Evy.

Ardeth pops up again in "The Mummy Returns," where he is pressed into service when a resurrected Imhotep kidnaps Evy. During the second film, he develops a special rapport with Jonathan Carnahan (John Hannah), Evy's brother, and Rick and Evy's son, Alex (Freddie Boath). Ardeth doesn't appear in "The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor" and was last seen wishing Evy and Rick well as they left Egypt for the final time in "Returns."

The man who portrayed Ardeth has left an impact across film and television. Here's what the man who played the hero is up to today.

Oded Fehr found a home on television

While the first "Mummy" film made Oded Fehr a household name, the actor's subsequent and consistent work on television and film have gone on to cement him as a memorable face. Proving his range, Fehr showed up in "Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo" the same year "The Mummy" was released. He would reprise his role as Antoine Laconte in the movie's 2005 sequel, "Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo."

In the wake of the release of "The Mummy Returns," Fehr appeared for two seasons in the NBC drama "UC: Undercover" as Frank Donovan. He shows up as Carlos Olivera in the 2004 "Resident Evil" film series installment "Resident Evil: Apocalypse" (a role he reprised in "Resident Evil: Retribution") and as Zankou for eight episodes of the original "Charmed" TV series. Additionally, he played Faris al-Farik in the 18-episode Showtime series "Sleeper Cell" and had a three-episode arc on "NCIS" as Ilan Bodnar.

Fehr also had a recurring role on the USA network show "Covert Affairs" as Eyal Lavine, played Asim Naseri in "24: Legacy" and he put in three appearances as Jafar on ABC's "Once Upon a Time."

The actor also took on several guest-starring appearances on shows such as "Burn Notice," "Law and Order: LA" and "How to Get Away with Murder." Additionally, he's an in-demand voiceover artist and has done work for many DC Comics animated shows and films.

Destiny 2 called for Oded Fehr

As though action blockbusters and TV spy thrillers weren't cool enough, Fehr has also lent his talents to a mega-hit video game. "Destiny 2" is a massive multiplayer game with a rich sci-fi story that mixes deep lore and ballistic action. In 2017, Fehr played the titular character in an expansion pack to the game titled "Curse of Osiris," a job that earned him major brownie points with his son.

During an interview with Scott Grill (via Inquisitr), Fehr revealed that he got a big boost of encouragement from his son, a major "Destiny" fan, while working on the game. "The thing about Destiny, my son is 14, turning 15, and absolutely in love with the game," Fehr explained. He went on to add, "I have to give kudos to my son here because my son has been with me from the beginning with this ... He had to promise he would not share one bit of information with anybody ... I cannot even tell you how difficult it was for him to keep his mouth shut ..."

Even though Fehr's son had to work hard to keep from spilling any secrets, the actor did clarify that his "Destiny 2" role made him "the coolest dad in the world."

These days he's one of the 'FBI's most wanted - and in space

These days, you can spy Fehr in the stars — and working as a member of the FBI.

From 2011 to 2019, Fehr voiced Ra's al Ghul for HBO Max's animated "Young Justice" TV series. In 2018, he played Eitan Hafri in Hulu's "The First," a fictionalized account of America's first mission to Mars. He also appeared as Agent Levi Shur across four episodes of NBC's "The Blacklist" and played Karim Farouk on the CBS summer series "Blood and Treasure" in 2019.

Most memorably, he was Admiral Charles Vance on the Paramount+ series "Star Trek: Discovery." The actor cut a striking figure as the dashing officer on the long-running franchise's current flagship iteration.

Fehr's latest work has brought him back to the small screen. He appeared as Colin Kent on CBS' "FBI" in 2021, a role he's reprised on the recently-launched Paramount + spin-off series "FBI: International" and on the mid-season replacement "FBI: Most Wanted," which concluded its third season in 2021. That's one busy career.